Generous Retirement Pay in Canada?

Few days ago, we posted at our Facebook Page and article showing the difference between overseas contract worker and a permanent resident.  One of the differences identified is the Retirement Benefits.  The article showed that as an Overseas Contract Worker you don't have retirement pay but as a Permanent Resident, you get generous retirement pay.

A troll that goes by the name Brenz Wangdali accused us of being a liar and a scam. And she did not stop there. She even called us uneducated and with little brain. That after challenging her to prove her accusations, to identify which part of the article isn't true.
Generous Retirement Pay in Canada?

It's a fact, contract workers are not entitled ti retirement benefits. So if you compare that with the benefits being given to permanent residents, the point of the article is very clear.

Now here's her reaction.

Generous Retirement Pay in Canada?

We deal with a lot of trolls in our Facebook Page. Ordinarily, we just delete the message. Sometimes though, we make fun of them.  She did not take it lightly and went on to boast of her connections.

Generous Retirement Pay in Canada?
This Pinoy Troll who is currently in Canada can't seem to get rid of that bad Pinoy trait: dahil may connection, mayabang.  You don't just go around town and accuse us of being a fraud and a liar and assume you know everything.

Now, is Canada's retirement pay really generous?  Compare with the Philippines? It's actually even more generous than that of the US! Read Canadian Retirees Are Better Off Than American Ones, Study Says

Visit Financial Consumer Agency of Canada to understand how Canada's retirement income system works.  And then compare that with what you will get from your home country and you be the jude if it's really generous.


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