September 6, 2016

Immigrate to Canada, Have a Financial Security!

Sickness, Accident and Death are some of incidents that may cause major financial setbacks.  A simple hospitalization of a family member could mean an emergency.  That is because until now, insurance is not  considered a priority by many Filipinos.  

Without insurance coverage, these may drain your savings.  And if you don't have any savings, this is where your loan starts to build up.

It is a very SAD situation.

Can you relate to this, do you feel that you are in same situation? Can you survive a major financial setback?  

From our experience more than 85% of our applicants felt they were also exposed to the same risks. That they feel they don't have financial security and immigrating to Canada is their solution. But they understand that it doesn't work like a magic.  They have to work for it, but they believe they have a better chance in Canada. 

Financial Security

With almost 30 years in business, Canadian Immigration Consultancy have already sent thousands of Filipinos to Canada.  They are now enjoying a better quality of life.  You could be next.

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