Looking for a Consulting Firm to Help you with your Canada Visa Application? Here's a tip.

If you are looking for a consulting firm to help you with your Canada Visa Application, here are some questions you may want to ask to a consulting firm you will talk to.

Looking for a Consulting Firm to Help you with your Canada Visa Application? Here's a tip.

  • How many years are they in business in the Philippines?  It's 22 years for Canadian Immigration Consultancy
  • How many years are they in business internationally? It's 27 years for Canadian Immigration Consultancy.
  • Do they received immigrant visa monthly for applicants they filed?  Canadian Immigration Consultancy receives immigrant visa monthly
  • Do they file new applications monthly? Canadian Immigration Consultancy files new applications monthly
  • Are they recognized and authorized by Canadian Government to represent your application?  Clients of Canadian Immigration Consultancy is represented by Ashley Weisdorf, member of and in good standing with Canadian Law Society of Upper Canada
  • How many offices do they have in the Philippines?  Canadian Immigration Consultancy has 13 offices in the Philippines
  • Do they suggest for applicants to check first is they can the application on their own?  Canadian Immigration Consultancy always give this an option and advise clients to check out http://cic.gc.ca for FREE information
  • Do they suggest for applicants to compare them with other consulting firms?  Canadian Immigration Consultancy encourages applicants to get 2nd and 3rd opinion in order to determine which consultancy they feel more comfortable with in handling your application.

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Information posted here at www.gatewaytocanada.com is not a legal advise. The author of this blog is not a Registered Immigration Consultant or an Immigration Lawyer.  Information about Canadian Visa Application is available for free at http://cic.gc.ca. If you want to hire a representative for your Canada Visa Application, please be informed that only Registered Immigration Consultants and Lawyers who are member and with good standing with Canadian Law Society, can represent you for a fee.


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