November 8, 2016

Cherry Mae Tejada Ferrer is a Scammer | Don't be a Victim

UPDTE: Cherry Mae Tejada Ferrer Surfaced, claimed to be a victim of identity theft.

One of the ways to fight online scam and fraud is by exposing them.  Be informed and avoid being scammed.  We actually have a compilation of online scams and the latest being the case of Cherry Mae Tejada Ferrer, a scammer victimizing those who are planning to work in Canada.

First, let's start with the obvious: Canadian Immigration Consultancy is NOT a recruitment agency. We do not offer job placement in Canada or anywhere for that matter.  We are not registered with POEA, as like we've said, we are not a recruitment agency.

Cherry Mae Tejada Ferrer is a Scammer | Don't be a Victim

It has come to our attention that a certain Cherry Mae Tejada Ferrer is recruiting workers for deployment to Canada via different Facebook pages and groups and is using images from Canadian Immigration Consultancy.  She used our client's pictures and present them as clients she helped.

Cherry Mae Tejada Ferrer is not connected with Canadian Immigration Consultancy.