Quebec Skilled Worker Selection Grid Changes Effective March 8, 2017

Effective March 8, 2017, changes will be implemented in the Quebec Skilled Worker Selection Grid. These changes were made, according to this MIDI Announcement, to promote better socio-professioal integration of immigrants and to upgrade knowledge of French.
The following are the specific changes in Quebec Skilled Worker Selection Grid effective March 8, 2017:
  • points attributed to certain areas of training have been reduced;
  • candidates with vocational secondary or technical post-secondary education and who are in one of the areas of training in demand in Qu├ębec no longer earn additional points;
  • the cutoff score for employability and the passing score for the selection grid have been raised.
These changes apply to all applications received as of March 8, 2017, as well as those on file for which the preliminary review had not yet begun on this date.

Quebec Skilled Worker Selection Grid Changes Effective March 8, 2017

Summary of factors and criteria for the selection of qualified workers:

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