May 5, 2017

Education Requirement for Caregiver Program: 2 years or 3 years post secondary diploma?

There seems to be a confusion regarding the education requirement for the caregiver program.  This post is for the readers who sent us message asking for clarification as well as for those who might have the same question.  Here's what the regulations say.

To work in Canada as a Caregiver, you need to meet the following eligibility requirements:
  • A positive Labor Marker Impact Assessment (LMIA) from an employer in Canada
  • A written contract with your future employer, signed by you and the employer
  • Successful completion of the equivalent of a Canadian Secondary School Education
  • At least six months’ training or at least one year of full-time paid work experience as a caregiver or in a related field or occupation (including six months with one employer) in the past three years
  •  Good knowledge of English or French
  • A work permit before you enter Canada
  • There is no Age Limit Requirement for Caregiver Applicant
So there. The education requirement is Canadian Secondary School Education. For Filipino applicants who finished Secondary School in the Philippines before the K-12 curriculum, that would mean at least 2 years in college or at least 72 units earned. This is because in Canada, you need a total of 12 years to complete the secondary school education. 

Education Requirement for Caregiver Program: 2 years or 3 years post secondary diploma?

Caregivers may apply for permanent residence in Canada after two years of working as caregiver, provided they meet the eligibility requirements. To meet the eligibility requirement for the education factor,  you must have a completed:
  • Canadian post-secondary degree, diploma or certificate of at least one year OR
  • foreign degree, diploma or certificate and
  • an original Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from a designated organization that shows your education is equal to a completed Canadian degree, diploma, certificate of at least one year.
In summary, you may be eligible to work as caregiver in Canada with 2 year diploma, but you need at least 3 year diploma to be eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada.  

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