June 21, 2017

Nursing Informatics in Canada | Nurse Technologist Job in Canada

According to this Forbes article, Nursing Technologist in the US is a growing job that earns $100k.  But is there also a demand for Nursing Technologist in Canada?

Yes, there is. In October 2006, Canadian Nursing Association (CNA) published E-Nursing Strategy for Canada. It's Canada's Nursing Informatics Strategy to guide the development the of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) initiatives in nursing to improve nursing practice and client outcomes. 

Nursing Informatics in Canada | Nurse Technologist Job in Canada

What is Nursing Informatics?
The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association (CNIA) endorse the definition of nursing informatics used by the special interest nursing group of the International Medical Informatics Association: 
“Nursing Informatics science and practice integrates nursing, its information and knowledge and their management with information and communication technologies to promote the health of people, families and communities worldwide” 
You can read the CNA and CNIA's joint position statement about Nursing Informatics here.

Why is there is a need for Nurse Technologist?
Here's an excerpt from the Forbes' article.
Most hospitals now keep electronic health records, but when a hospital sets out to introduce them, it can’t simply send in some engineers to do the job and expect everything to run smoothly. Nor can it hire traditional IT workers to manage the system once it’s in place, since they don’t have the patient-care perspective to prevent life-threatening technical mistakes, says Joyce Sensmeier, vice president of informatics at HIMSS, a nonprofit that aims to improve healthcare through technology. That’s where nurse informaticists come in — they work with health IT systems, and they carry out analytics and research.

How to become a Nursing Technologist in Canada
The ideal way to become a Nursing Technologist in Canada is to become a Registered Nurse, acquire experience as a Nurse and take a Graduate Study in Master of Health Informatics.  This will lead you to the role of Chief Nursing Information Officer (CNIO).

But if you are not looking forward to CNIO level and that you just want to work in the field, the alternative is to take Certificate in Informatics  or Diploma in Health Information Technology. 

If you are a Nurse who planning to study in Canada as International Student, this is something you may want to consider. Taking these programs will give you an edge when you return to your home country and in the same manner, will you give opportunities in Canada.

Interested to Study, Work and Live in Canada? Here's what you may do: