June 17, 2017

Study Direct Srteam (SDS) to be launched in Manila, Philippines

This afternoon, during the EduCanada Colleges and Institutes Orientation Seminar, the Study Direct Stream (SDS) will be launched. SDS is the streamlined study permit process which would mean faster visa processing and most likely, a higher approval rate.  It's like an "Express Entry" for International Students.

Study Direct Stream (SDS) is currently being implemented in China and launching the same program in Manila is good news for those applying to become International Students in Canada!

Study Direct Steam (SDS) to be launched in Manila, Philippines

Under this system, Applicants will have to submit Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating Canadian Financial institution (i.e. Scotiabank) instead of providing proof of funds.  It will be similar to the Fund Transfer Scheme being used in the New Zealand Study Visa application.  

Here's how it works:
  1. Apply for the Scotiabank Student GIC Program
  2. Open a Scotiabank Investment Account
  3. Transfer funds to Scotiabank amounting to Cad$10,000 + Cad$200 for program fee
  4. Scotiabank to email when funds are already in the account of the applicant
  5. Applicant to apply for Study permit
  6. Once in Canada, applicant to open personal bank account
  7. Scotiabank will deposit funds to new personal bank account
If the application will be denied Scotiabank will return the Cad$10,000 investment.

We will be posting updates once the program details is released and made available officially.