September 20, 2017

Can You Afford to Wait?

Many prospective customers thought they had time on their side. Because they had the education and the work experience and had earned the right to live the lives they dream about, they thought they could wait longer before applying.  And many prospective applicants think that they can't afford the cost of immigrating to Canada.

But think about this: If anything major goes wrong in one's family, the problem could set them back for the rest of their lives. In other words, they missed the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Some others think that working as an OFW as the solution, not realizing it is just a temporary solution.

Try to think about the true financial situation you are in. Ask yourselves, if you feel you can't afford to apply for an immigrant visa to Canada can your family really afford for anything serious to happen to your family? Is time really on your side or is time working against you? 

We, at Canadian Immigration Consultancy are waiting to help you. We will help you from beginning to end. We will help you work through any roadblock put in your way. Make the commitment today to get started. 

You will be thankful you did.