September 29, 2017

Mr. Gurmuck Singh Chahal is going to Acsenda School of Management!

Few months ago, Mr. Gurmuck Singh Chahal consulted us about his plan to immigrate to Canada.  He is not quite comfortable with the Express Entry System, as he wanted to leave immediately.  We then explained the benefits of studying in Canada as International Student.
Mr. Gurmuck Chahal is going to Acsenda School of Management!

He liked the idea, but the challenge then was what program to take considering that although he already finished a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, his work experience is purely in running his own trading business.  We recommended that he study Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Acsenda School of Management located in Vancouver, British Columbia. He followed our advise and he is now going to Canada as International Student!

Why Bachelor of Business Administration at ACSENDA?

Like you, students at Acsenda School of Management (ASM) have a purpose in mind. They have chosen a career in business and they want a school focused on preparing them for that career path. Acsenda offers you options to concentrate on a specialized area of business, to gain work experience, and to earn credit toward a professional designation as you earn your degree.

More reasons to study at Acsenda:
  • IELTS Exam, not required
  • CAD 5,000 scholarship available
  • In-house credit transfer (no cost), reduce the number of courses need to finish the program
  • Post-Graduate Work Permit of up to 3 years!
  • Waived application fee for eligible students
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