May 27, 2018

Move Up Prince George, British Columbia | Study at College of New Caledonia

Prince George is the largest city in the region of nearly 320,000 people that it serves. With a considerable number of large natural resource-oriented projects slated for construction across the north, existing Prince George businesses are already seeing an increased demand for their products and services and the city is seeing an influx of new businesses starting up.

Move Up Prince George, British Columbia

Currently, there are over $140 billion worth of major capital projects proposed and an additional $23 billion already underway in BC; many of which are in the northern and north-central parts of the province. As a result, the professional services, construction and manufacturing sectors are among the fastest growing sectors in Prince George. Due to the growing and aging population in the city, the healthcare and education sectors are also expanding.

Prince George British Columbia is one of the best kept secrets in Western Canada. Located in the Center of BC it is a fantastic place to find work, start a career, pursue higher education, raise a family, have time to live, work and play. The lifestyle here has the amenities of a big city but the laid back feel of a smaller town. Ones Time is priceless and the lifestyle found in Prince George is the biggest advantage.

Here's the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Prince George

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