July 20, 2018

There is no such thing as failure, only learning experiences

Ms. Vanessa Macabagdal first applied for study visa through an education agent wherein the application was refused. Not contented with the assistance she received, she then looked for other consultancy firm to assist her and she found us, Canadian Immigration Consultancy.

She was surprised to learn that the program she's planning to take will not lead her to a Post Graduate Work Permit. She was totally misinformed. We explained to her the process, that she must be aware of Education Trafficking and gave her an option to do it by herself by visiting www.canada.ca or to hire our services.

Ms. Vanessa Macabagdal

Learning from her experience, she decided to hire our services. She will now be moving to Canada as International Student at Fanshawe College, a public post-secondary institution. 

Canadian Immigration Consultancy is not just an Education Agent. We are an Immigration Consulting firm with almost 30 years of experience doing business. If you are interested to study, work and live in Canada, take this FREE Online Assessment.