January 25, 2019

Study in Canada as International Student | Immigrate to Canada from Philippines

Are you planning to Study in Canada as International Student? Do you need help in applying for your visa and study permit? We can be of help. You can bank on Canadian Immigration Consultancy - Gateway to Canada's close to 30 years of experience sending Filipinos to Canada! 

If you are from the Philippines, you need to apply for Study Permit to study in Canada as International Student. Information about visa application to Canada is available for FREE at http://www.canada.ca

Only ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultants or Canadian Immigration Lawyers are authorized to represent you for a fee. Clients of Canadian Immigration Consultancy are represented by an ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultant.

Study in Canada

Before you start, know more about Education Trafficking to avoid becoming a victim. Know that studying in Canada is not a guarantee that you will become a permanent resident. Thus, it is important that you know what you are doing. Which program, school and province will give you a better chance depending on your circumstances. 

Video: International Students - Study, Explore, Work and Live in Canada

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Here are the 3 Major Steps how to Immigrate to Canada via Student Visa Pathway.

1. Decide what program to take, find an eligible school

  • Is there a logical career pathway for your chosen program?
  • Is the school you selected eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit?
  • Is the Province you selected ideal for your immigration plan?
2. Submit your Student Visa Application
  • Are you confident that you submitted proper documentation?
  • Did you prepare a clear and convincing personal study plan?
3. Attend school and finish your program, gain work experience and apply for permanent residence
  • Who will guide you when you need to extend your Study Permit, Apply for Work Permit and other immigration concerns?
  • What will you do after completing your program?
  • Which among many immigration pathways are you planning to pursue?
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