April 8, 2019

Study at Cambrian College | Immigrate to Northern Ontario

Canada plans to take in 1 Million New Immigrants from 2019 to 2021. If you are one of those planning to immigrate to Canada, the fastest way to do that now is via Study Visa Pathway. And if you are planning to study in Canada, there are reasons more than one why you should consider Cambrian College

Study at Cambrian College | Immigrate to Northern Ontario
Mr. Anuraj Bajwa, Cambrian College's International Education Director visit CIC Office in Alabang

What Cambrian College?

  • It is a publicly funded post secondary institutions and as such, graduates of Cambrian College are eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit
  • It is located at Sudbury, the largest city in Northern Ontario. The cost of living in Sudbury is way lower than the cost of living in Toronto
  • Northern Ontario Immigration Pilot will soon be launched. It will be easier to get a permanent residence in Canada by working in Sudbury!
Northern Ontario Immigration Pilot

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot was developed by IRCC to help spread the benefits of economic immigration to smaller communities throughout Canada. The Government of Canada will work with local communities to:
  • use immigration to help meet local labour market needs and support regional economic development 
  • test a new pathway to permanent residence in rural Canada for skilled foreign nationals at various skill levels
  • create welcoming environments that encourage and help new immigrants to stay in their new communities
The concept is pretty much like that of Atlantic Immigration Pilot. And this move was well received by the communities in Northern Ontario. Details about Northern Ontario Immigration Pilot will be released soon.  

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