June 28, 2019

Special Canada Day for the Rodriguez Family

In September 2016 Ms. Danna May Rodriguez, started attending school in Canada as International Student. She moved to Canada together with her husband and 4 year old son. 

They are now Permanent Residents! 

Special Canada Day for the Rodriguez Family

The key to easily transition from Study Permit to PR Status is knowing your PR pathway even before you land in Canada. There are more than 60 pathways to become a permanent resident in Canada. There are Federal Programs and there are Provincial Programs. Each program is different. These are things that an Eduction Agent alone will not discuss to you. You need an experienced immigration consultant to properly guide you. Don't be a victim of Education Trafficking.

They are both Registered Nurses. While Ms. Danna was studying, her husband was working full time as Care Aide. Their son attended school for Free! 

On their18th month in Canada, while they were still temporary residents, they were very happy to receive the first monthly allowance for their son from Canadian Government. That's around CAD 700/month.

As soon as her husband, Sir Ar-Jay Rodriguez, completed the 2 years experience as a Care Aide, we immediately processed his application for Permanent Residence and 4 months after, they were granted the Permanent Resident Status. 

Few days from now, they will be celebrating Canada Day extra special!

The process to become a PR in Canada from Study Permit isn't easy. But with the right information, guide and support, it will at least lessen the stress you will experience along the way. 

If you are also planning to study in Canada with the end in view of applying for permanent residence, we can help you. Take this FREE Online Assessment to start the process.