March 17, 2020

Canada to shut down border temporarily due to COVID-19. Be ready to enter when the door opens!

As a measure against the spread of COVID-19, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently announced that foreign nationals from all countries - except the United States - will no longer be allowed to enter Canada temporarily.  

Canadian Embassy Manila is closed as of March 17, 2020 in response to Enhanced Community Quarantine implemented by the Canadian Government.

Canadian Immigration Consultancy - Alabang (Gateway to Canada) will be closed as well while the Enhanced Community Quarantine is in effect. But we will continue to operate online from home. Our Team are advised to stay home in compliance with the government order.

Some reminders to Student Visa applicants

  • If you are applying for Student Visa and have a Letter of Acceptance for the May 2020 Intake and wish to defer to a later intake, please send email to If you applied directly to the school, contact the school's admission office. Things may change one month from now, so you may want to consider delaying the application for deferral and if the condition favors you, join the May 2020 intake as scheduled. However, please be advised that there is no guarantee that there would be slots available for your program. 
  • If you were issued visa and you applied for deferral because you can not join the May 2020 intake, there is no need to apply for another visa or inform the Visa Office. You may use your visa to enter Canada. At the port of entry, simply present your new LOA. If the Study Permit validity to be issued to you is shorter because it was based on your pervious LOA and Visa Validity, you just have to apply for Study Permit extension. 

This situation is temporary. This too shall pass. 

Be ready to enter when the door opens
If you are planning to immigrate to Canada to feel the benefits of having a government that truly take care of its constituents. If you want to immigrate to Canada to give your family a quality life, you should take this opportunity to prepare your documents, study your options and be ready to enter when the door opens