May 27, 2020

Advisory: Mandatory Quarantine Requirement for Travellers Arriving in Canada

Before making plans of traveling to Canada or booking your flight, please read the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Travel restrictions, exemptions and advice

Even if you do not have the symptoms, you will be required to quarantine yourself within 14 days. At the port of entry, you will be asked about the details of your quarantine plan. 

You must quarantine without delay

  • Go directly to your place of quarantine without delay and stay there for 14 days from the date you arrived in Canada, or longer if you develop signs and symptoms of COVID-19, or have been exposed to another person subject to the Order who has signs and symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Do not quarantine in a place where you have contact with vulnerable individuals, including those who have an underlying medical condition, compromised immune system from a medical condition or treatment, or are 65 years of age or older.
  • Ensure you have a suitable place of quarantine that has the necessities of life.
  • Ensure you wear an appropriate mask or face covering, especially while in transit.
  • Practice physical distancing at all times.
  • Use private transportation such as a private vehicle if possible.
  • Do not make any unnecessary stops on your way to your place of quarantine.
  • Avoid contact with others while in transit:
    • Remain in the vehicle as much as possible;
    • Avoid staying at a hotel;
    • If you need gas, pay at the pump;
    • If you need food, use a drive through;
    • If you need to use a rest area, put on your mask and be mindful of physical distancing and good hygiene practices.
How to find rooms for your quarantine getaway:
  • Coordinate with your school if they offer one (for International Students)
  • Ask a friend/relative in Canada to find one for you

ArriveCAN Mobile App

Upon arrival in Canada, travelers must provide basic information using the traveller contact information for and undergo a screening by a border services officer or quarantine officer to assess symptoms.

Providing your contact information may be done via:

  • the ArriveCAN mobile app
  • an accessible web-based form, or
  • a paper form

We highly suggest that you download this ArriveCAN mobile app prior to your arrival to reduce wait times at Canadian ports of entry and to limit points of contact.