June 18, 2020

From Fanshawe College International Student to Futures Canadian College Administrator

Is it easy to find a full time job after completing your program as International Student given the current pandemic? This is a common question now among those planning to study in Canada. And this post is an attempt to answer that.

First, finding a full time job even before the pandemic was never easy to begin with. So the question should be wether it is more difficult now. The answer is yes, it is more difficult now. 

Here's an interesting case from one of the students we referred to Fanshawe College

From Fanshawe College International Student to Futures Canadian College School Administrator

Suzette used to work as an Associate Manager at Accenture, Inc before she started studying at Fanshawe College on January 7, 2019. She took Diploma in Business - Human Resources and was able to complete the program on April 25, 2020. That's four terms without term break! She immediately filed her Post Graduation Work Permit and started looking for job. 

Given the current pandemic and that many businesses are still closed, her plan was to send job applications even outside Ontario. According to her, she sent around 800 email applications targeting employers within Ontario. She got 5 interview invitations, attended to 3 and was hired by Futures Canadian College as School Administrator and started working on June 16, 2020!

Next step for her is to apply for Permanent Residence. 

This pandemic is just a temporary setback. There is hope. But you need to make a plan, take action and be ready. 

Start with the right mindset. Do not think that studying in Canada, finding full time job and applying for permanent residence is easy. It requires efforts, sacrifice and strong determination. You want to give your family a Quality Life? Nothing great comes easy, what comes easy won't last. 

Pandemic was never a hindrance for Suzette. It shouldn't be a hindrance for you, too!

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