November 19, 2020

Automatic PR Status for International Students?

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is seriously considering ways to make it easy for International Students and Temporary Foreign Workers to have a Permanent Resident status. 

Here's an interesting news report from Ron Gagalac of Omni Filipino.

Ron Gagalac, who used to work for ABS-CBN, is actually one the clients of Canadian Immigration Consultancy. ;-)

There is no policy yet how it will be made easy for International Students but such policy will definitely help reached Canada's immigration level plans for the next three years - 1.2 Million New Immigrants

So if you are an International Student or Temporary Foreign worker and is worried about your PR pathways, don't stress yourself. What you need to do is target jobs considered as essential services such as  health worker, emergency response and  public safety, caregiver, financial services, child care services, food manufacturing, retail stores and mass media. These are the most likely to be prioritized by IRCC. It will not be something automatic that if you study in Canada you will become a Permanent Resident.

Automatic PR Status for International Students?

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