April 5, 2021

It's been over a year now since the pandemic started. How are you holding up?

It was July 2020 when Ms. Rowena Reyes, a Registered Nurse, contacted our office to inquire about opportunities in Canada. By November 2020, she and her family were already in Canada!

Rowena Reyes

It's been over a year now since the pandemic started. This pandemic exposed serious financial problems for most families worldwide. It exposed the reality that most Filipino families do not have the safety nets. And the rate things are going, it is uncertain when will this end. 

Now, the question is this: How are you holding up? Can your family sustain if the current pandemic prolonged for several years? Can your family afford another pandemic? What is your plan?

Ms. Rowena Reyes started to process her application while there is a lockdown due to pandemic. Few years from now, she and her family will become Permanent Residents. The pandemic wasn't an excuse for them not to plan ahead. On the contrary, it's the reason why they looked for ways in order for them to have the safety nets.

As a Permanent Resident of Canada, you and your family will be entitled to Universal Healthcare System. You will not have to worry about hospitalization. Canadian workers who were displaced because of the pandemic receive CAD 500 per week as part Canada's emergency response benefits. 

Now, compare that with the current situation in the Philippines. We are on lock down again and the government is still debating when to release to P1,000 subsidy for the Filipino workers. 

That's the sad reality. But there is something you can do now to give your family a Quality Life.