July 19, 2021

After 3 years of stay in Canada, Donald Mempin may now apply for Canadian Citizenship! Congrats!

3 years ago, Donald Mempin was granted a Permanent Resident Status via Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He recently informed us that he will now be applying for Canadian Citizenship!

Donald Mempin - Manitoba

There are many pathways to become a permanent resident in Canada. You just need to figure out which pathway is ideal for you. You can check it yourself by visiting www.canada.ca - Canada's official website. All the information about visa applications and immigration programs are there.

Immigration process is not a simple process, small mistakes may cause huge problems. If you think you need an assistance, you can start here by checking your options: https://life.gatewaytocanada.com/immigrate

But you also need to ask yourself - Why do you want or why do you need to immigrate to Canada. Because if you are not doing this for the right reason, it's not gonna work.

Video: Why Immigrate to Canada recorded webinar