May 20, 2023

CAD 30,000 Bursary for Internationally Educated Nurses

How would you like to study in Canada and work as a licensed Practical Nurse and get a bursary of up to CAD 30,000? Sounds too good to be true, right? But it is actually true!

practical nursing diploma norquest

If you completed a Nursing degree, with or without experience, Practical Nursing Diploma for Internationally Educated Nurses offered by Norquest College is the most ideal program if you want to practice nursing profession in Canada. After completing this program, you may be given up to 3 years of Post Graduation Work Permit.

By taking this program, you may be eligible to receive up to CAD30,000 through the Bursary for Internationally Education Nurses (BIEN) program.  BIEN is intended to provide funding to internationally educated nurses as they complete bridging training required to practice as a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse, in exchange for a period of time spent working in rural Alberta. The bursary will include the following:

  • a fixed incentive to cover associated fees
  • living expenses based on length of program
  • support for a portion of tuition based on length of program

How to Apply?

  1. Get a Letter of Acceptance from Norquest College for the Practical Nursing Diploma for Internationally Educated Nurses. We can help you get your LOA free of charge:
  2. Apply for your Student Visa. All the information you need to know is here
  3. Upon landing in Canada, submit your application for the bursary

Important Information about Bursary for Internationally Education Nurses (BIEN):

  • Funding will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis for eligible applicants. 
  • This bursary is offered with the expectation that licensing and rural employment, through a public or private provider, is secured within six months of completing an approved bridging program.
  • Applicant must sign a return-of-service agreement to work in a BIEN-eligible rural community (outside Edmonton and Calgary). You will have to return the funds if you breached the agreement
This is a great opportunity for Filipino Nurses!