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1. Take the Online Assessment
  • Online Assessment is FREE
  • Provide a working email address and contact numbers
  • Assessment result is based on the information you provided
  • After submitting the assessment form, check your email inbox. If you did not get the assessment result, check your spam or promotion folder
  • Aside from the assessment result, you will also receive information about the process, application cost and other information you will need to make an informed decision. Read ALL the emails you will receive. 
2. Attend FREE Webinar
  • Along with the assessment result, you will also receive invitation for the FREE Webinar. It is highly recommended that you attend to understand the process more clearly
  • Webinar is every Saturday, 2PM to 4PM via Zoom
3. Book an appointment with your Case Manager
  • After the webinar, if you have follow up questions or if you are now ready to start with your application, book an appointment with your case Manager
  • You may either book for an online chat/voice call or visit our office

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