Electromechanical Engineer Technician-Mechatronics(EMTN) - Cambrian College

Program Description

Mechatronics is an emerging field that combines mechanical engineering and electronics, with elements of automation, computer programming, and telecommunications. Working in the College’s state-of-the-art mechatronics lab, you will develop the technical, problem-solving, and data analysis skills to work on a wide variety of industrial applications, from industrial equipment and machinery design and maintenance to robotics and automation. You will learn how to use computer-aided design to design mechanical components and assemblies in 3D, then take it one-step further to fabricate your design in our machining and fabrication labs. You will also have unique opportunities to put your skills into practice by working on real community and applied research projects.

Electromechanical Engr Technician-Mechatronics - Cambrian College

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School/Campus: Cambrian College - Sudbury (Ontario)

Program Level: Diploma

Program Duration: 2 years

Intake Schedules: September

Language Requirement: Waived

Practicum/Work Experience: N/A

Post Graduation Work Permit: Eligible

Career Opportunities:

Graduates are prepared for employment opportunities as:
  • Automation technician
  • Electromechanical design technician
  • Robotics technician
  • Robotics programmer
  • Control designer / technician
  • Custom machine design / integrators
*Tuition: $15,000/year
*Admission Application Fee: Waived

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*All fees are subject to change without notice. Please note that tuition fees per year may vary depending on the type and amount of courses that a student enrolls in. Tuition is subject to change without notice and annual increases. 


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