What do we have to offer?

Gateway to Canada offers a ViablePracticalAffordable Financial Solution to Filipino Families.Gateway to Canada offers financial solutions to Filipino families that know their Immediate and Extended Family are facing Financial Problems.

What do we have to offer?

Gateway to Canada offers long term financial solutions to Filipino families.

What are Financial Problems? There are many.

The present virus pandemic spreading around the world has exposed serious Financial Problems for families worldwide. The Philippines has not been spared of Financial Problems.

Unfortunately Filipinos are left on their own to solve their financial problems. There is very little the government can do to help in times like this. Filipinos do not have a Government Safety Net to fall back on for help as they do in advanced Western Countries.

The crises we are all presently going through has clearly exposed big Financial Problems most Filipino families are facing.

It is time for Filipino families to work together and address their Family Financial Problems and agree on a long term plan to solve the problem.

Is there a Sense of Urgency within the family to solve their Financial Problems? We hope so.

If the present crises has not created a Sense of Urgency for you to solve the problem, what will?

Filipino families are staying home and in most cases they are all feeling lots of Fear & Uncertainty about their future.

Fear of What?

  • Fear of no income during lockdown
  • Fear of possibly losing their job
  • Fear of anyone getting sick in their Immediate & Extended Family
  • Fear of how to pay medical bills if anyone gets sick in their Immediate & Extended Family
  • Fear of running out of money to pay for monthly expenses
  • Fear of not knowing where to go or who to turn to for money
  • Fear of feeling hopeless due to not knowing if there are Financial Options available to their family
Gateway to Canada is here to offer HOPE
  • Gateway to Canada can help Filipino families that are willing to help their self
  • Gateway to Canada would like to present a Viable – Practical – Affordable Financial Solution that will benefit all in the Filipino family
  • CIC would like to go over a Viable – Practical – Affordable Financial Solutions for Young Married Filipino families that would like to live, work and raise their family in Canada.
  • Most Young Married Filipino families can go to Canada within Six (6) Months from filing their application
There is hope if
  • You Take Action Right Now!!
  • You Get your family involved Right Now!!
  • You Commit to a long term plan for the future of your family
  • You Get Ready Right Now!!
What better time than now to Get Ready while you stay at home.

Gateway to Canada would like to work with Filipino Families that have a sincere Sense of Urgency to solve their Financial Problems.

When lockdown is over, Apply as Fast as you can for your visa to Canada. You have to ask yourselves, Can you afford to wait? Can you afford not to apply?  Time is most likely not going to be an Option for many Filipino Families that do not take action now.

Filipino families have Nothing to Lose discussing a Long Term Financial Solution with Gateway to Canada Team.

Gateway to Canada would like to hear from you. If Gateway to Canada's Financial Solution is not for your family, we would like to know your plan for solving Financial Problems in the Future.

Surely your family must be working on some kind of Financial Solution for the future of you family. 
Gateway to Canada would like to go over our Financial Solutions with your family.