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April 11, 2016

On Tattoo and Medical Examination

Is having a tattoo a problem in Medical Examination?  Will it cause medical inadmissibility?  These are common questions from applicants with tattoo.

October 16, 2013

Canada's Saskatchewan province needs more Pinoys

The labor agreement between Saskatchewan and the Philippine Governmnt was recentlt renewed.  This mean more Filipino workers will be needed in Saskatchewan.  This memorandum of agreement is expected to benefit Filipino migrants in Saskacthewan.

“If you talk to not only Saskatchewan employers, but (the) Saskatchewan community, they would all tell you that our communities are so much better for the immigration of great people from the Philippines,” added Wall, who signed the MOU with Philippine Labor undersecretary Danilo Cruz

The MOU renewed a labor agreement earlier inked by the Philippines and Saskatchewan. The country also has the same MOUs with British Columbia and Manitoba.

Cruz said the implementation of laws formed from this agreement can only be effective if both sides were in synergy.

He said the challenge faced by Filipino workers abroad “cannot be addressed through unilateral means.”

“We highly believe that countries of origin and destination have a shared responsibility to work together in addressing the issues affecting the management of regulation of migrant workers,” he said.

The highlights of the MOU include skills training and matching for working immigrants, increased transparency and equability of Saskatchewan immigration rules, and the protection of labor rights, which gives migrant workers the right to information regarding recruitment policies and how they may be protected.

Under the MOU, projects are set to be enacted to implement and sustain these measures. [GMA News Online]

Please note that there is No Placement Fee for Canada-bound OFWs.  Avoid illegal recruiters.

Canadian Immigration Consultancy - Proactive Immigration Advisers Corp (PIA Corp) is not a recruitment agency.  Here's how to find jobs in Canada.

November 2, 2012

Tagalog is fastest-growing language in Canada, data show

According to this report, Tagalog is the fastest-growing language in Canada, with 64% more Canadians calling it their first choice for conversations at home in 2011 compared with five years earlier. Filipino language the fifth most common non-official language spoken in Canadian households.

Read full story from The Globe and Mail.

According to the same report, the Philippines surpassed both India and China and was the biggest source country for permanent residents in 2010 and 2011. 

However, with the new Federal Skilled Worker program that requires education credentials evaluation,  a dramatic decline of immigrants from the Philippines in 2013 is a highly possible.

March 30, 2011

PM Stephen Harper duets with Maria Aragon | May 2011 Canadian Election

Following the dissolution of The Parliament after a vote of no confidence against the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a decision was reached to have election on May 2, 2011.

It is now campaign period.

PM Stephen Harper recently went to Winnipeg to sway the big Filipino community there. He ended up singing with a Filipina-Canadian youtube sensattion Maria Aragon.

10-year-old YouTube sensation Maria Aragon joins Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a rendition of "Imagine" during a tour stop on March 29 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Apparently, politicians in Canada are just like local politicians here in the Philippines who will sing, dance and what have you, just to win votes.

Let's see what the leader of Liberal Party, Michael Ignatieff, will do to win votes from Filipino community. Will he dance ocho-ocho or itaktak mo? Let's see. :-)

By the way, the outcome of this election will determine the future of Canadian Immigration Program. Under the current regulations, it is in the power of the Immigration Minister to decide who can immigrate to Canada. The Liberals don't want that. In the past, a law is needed to before a change in the regulations may be implemented.

August 1, 2009

Manny Pacquiao May Train in Canada

Filipino fans of boxing champ, Manny Pacquio, may have a chance to finally meet him in person ahead of Pacquiao-Cotto showdown in November. According to this report, Team Pacquio considers Canada to be Manny Pacquiao's training camp because of the large number of Filipinos residing there, among other reasons.

Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum is luring Manny Pacquiao to the Bahamas for the first half of his training camp for the November 14 duel with Miguel Cotto but the Filipino fighter might end up going to Canada, Mexico — or even the Philippines.[Source]

Team Pacquiao is particularly considering Vancouver because it is near the US. Vancouver will also host the 2010 Winter Olympics.

June 11, 2008

Filipipino-Canadaian Community | Directory of Filipinos in Canada

Here's a list of Filipino and Filipino Community websites in Canada.

If you want your blog or website to be listed here, please use the comment box and leave your Blog/Website Title, URL and a brief description of your site.

A reciprocal link to this blog is not required but will be appreciated. If you opted to link back to my blog (thank you!), please link to with Canada Visa as the title.

Directory of Filipinos in Canada


We are a dedicated group of people who are decendants of a small town called Altavas in the province of Aklan.

ANswering the Cry Of the Poor (ANCOP)
ANCOP International (Canada) is a registered charitable non-profit Canadian organization with an alternative solution to the blatant poverty throughout the world. Our work started in the Philippines in the year 2000, through Gawad Kalinga (GK) --- translated in English means ǃ?to give careǃ? --- and initiatives are now underway in India, Cambodia, Indonesia, and other third world countries.

Canada Pinoys
A Filipino community in Canada. This site provides a helpful resource, community, and meeting place for Filipinos who live in, intend to go, or immigrate to Canada. Those with friends and families in Canada are also welcome!

Cavite Association of Calgary
One objective is to provide for the recreation of the members and to promote and afford the opportunity for friendly and social activities. Foremost activity for this objective is the annual Philippine Independence Day Gala hosted by the association, which provides a venue for the Filipino community to celebrate a most precious historic event. The yearly association picnics have also become a big hit with members and guests.

CFC Youth for Christ is a youth ministry under the Couples for Christ community that aims to provide a Christian support environment for the young adults in elementary (12 yrs and up), secondary and post secondary school. This is the Toronto group.

CFC Vancouver

CFC Vancouver grew from a mere 3 couples, doubling and tripling as the years went by. The Holy Spirit set foot into the hearts of clergy & lay people alike, thus allowing Christian Life Programs to be conducted all over the Lower Mainland. In homes & in churches, the love of God spread, and like wildfire, it could not be stopped. Couples for Christ Vancouver was officially recognized by the Archdiocese of Vancouver on February 14, 1995. His Grace Reverend Adam Exner appointed Rev. Fr. Peter Chiang as the Spiritual Director.

Couples for Christ Canada
Couples for Christ Canada had its beginnings in 1993 when three CFC couples from Manila met (under circumstances only God could have arranged for them), in the city of Richmond , British Columbia where they and their families had settled as immigrants, and came together to pray, share and fellowship in weekly household meetings. The three pairs were Jojie and Marilen Catibog, Tito and Raffy Macapinlac, and Louie and Angie Untalan.

Dahong Pilipino
Dahong Pilipino is providing the community with a directory of Filipino businesses, professionals, tradesmen, associations and a network of resources that serves as a handy reference for Filipino households, especially the new immigrants - Vancouver, BC.

Deunas Worldwide
Duenas Worldwide is the source for news and happenings in Duenas. We are an association committed to bridging the distance between Duenas and our adopted homelands.

Fil-Can Association of Simcoe County

Fil-Can is an association of Filipinos and Canadians in Barrie.

Filipino Association of Nova Scotia
The society's main objective is to foster social and friendly relations among members while promoting mutual understanding between Filipinos and people of all nations.

Filipino Canadian Heritage Society of Nova Scotia
This is a non profit organization promoting awareness of this heritage in the community, and to encourage participation by its members not only in multicultural activities within Nova Scotia but also in various community and civic related activities - Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Filipino Canadian Marketing Group
We are here to help you access a growing niche market, the 3rd largest Visible Minority in British Columbia, the Filipino Canadian community. The Filipino Canadian Marketing Group is here to help you acquire that understanding and to provide you with the valuable information you need to effectively reach out and access this rapidly expanding niche market, the Filipino Canadian Community - Vancouver, BC.

Filipino Women's Center of British Columbia
Aims to empower Filipino women to understand the roots of their challenges as migrants, immigrants, women of colour and low-income earners, and to collectively assert their struggle for their rights and welfare - Vancouver.

Filipino-Canadian Association of Vaughan
The objectives of the associaton are as follows: to promote community spirit among the Filipinos; to stay united and achieve common goals both to members of the association and to the community; to assimilate Filipino culture and values into Canadian society; to help newly landed immigrants; to participate in civic and social events within the community - Vaughan, ON.

First Filipino Baptist Church
Our mission is to glorify God by evangelizing the lost for Christ through the preaching of the Gospel, personal witnessing and carrying on a vigorous missionary program around the world; by edifying believers through the preaching of the Word of God and maintaining a good testimony for Christ through godliness, example and good works; and by equipping members for service in the different church ministries - Toronto, Ontario.

Forever Young Seniors Society
A community oriented organization catering to the Filipino-Canadian seniors. Since inception, we are having a monthly social functions at the Holy Rosary Hall, Cathedral Church in downtown, Vancouver to enable its members to enjoy, dance and interact with their peers and fellow members - Victoria, British Columbia.

All about Filipino-Canadians in Canada, particularly Vancouver B. C., and Montreal. This Pinoy website contains, essays, articles, commentaries as well as news analysis that affect Pinoys in Canada and elsewhere.

Kababayan Community Centre
The Centre was established in August 1977 in Toronto and has evolved into a far-reaching program in Greater Toronto and adjacent areas by vigorous and progressive members of the Filipino-Canadian community - Toronto, Ontario.

Kalayaan Centre
A Filipino community centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The various organizations in the Kalayaan Centre struggle for the rights and welfare of and social justice for Filipinos in Canada, while supporting the struggle for human rights, national freedom and democracy of the Filipino people - Powell St., Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6A 1G7.

Lunarians of Canada
An association of the residents of Luna, La Union in Canada. It aims to unite all Filipinos and Filipino-Canadians who hail from the municipality of Luna, La Union, who are now residents of Canada.

Mabuhay Calgary
Mabuhay Calgary is an independently published newspaper that celebrates the Filipino culture and its community.

Marikina Association of Canada-Ontario
Our mission is to bring together all Marikenians, their families and friends and at the same time provide financial assistance to the City of Marikina.

Multicultural Helping House Society
A non-profit organization helping newcomers integrate successfully into Canadian society with focus on Filipino immigrants.

Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba
The pride of our community. PCCM is the Filipino community's proud legacy to the cultural and architectural landscape of the city and the province - Keewatin Street Winnipeg, MB.

Philippine Consulate General - Toronto
Consular services, general information, trade and investment, tourism, newsletter and other links.

Philippine Consulate General Vancouver
Features - information on consular services, latest trade and investment statistics, information on cultural and tourism matters, and links with other government agencies - Vancouver, BC.

Philippine Cultural Center Foundation
Calgary's own Philippine Cultural Center. Yesterday, it was only a dream. Today, it is a reality. tomorrow promises even more.

Philippine Embassy in Canada
The Philippine Embassy in Ottawa, Canada conducts diplomatic relations with the Government of Canada and represents the Philippines at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). There are two other missions of the Philippines in addition to the Embassy in Ottawa. These are the Philippine Consulates General in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia - 30 Albert Street, Suite 606, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5G4.

The Philippine Independence Day Council (PIDC) is a Toronto based non-profit umbrella organization of Filipino-Canadian associations in the Greater Toronto area. Its purpose is to promote the rich Philippine arts, culture and tradition to the mainstream Canadian community.

SAWA - Philippine (Students Activists Workers Artists)
SAWA is a community group in Toronto, Canada that promotes Pilipino arts, culture and progressive politics.

The Philippine Canadian Times
The Philippine Canadian Times is published quarterly by the National Council of Canadian Filipino Associations (NCCFA) Region VII Alberta, in association with Manila East West.

Tipon-tipon sa mga Bisaya sa Guelph
Tipon-Tipon is a newly-formed organization of Filipinos based in Guelph, Ontario. The basis of their formation is dialectal rather than geographical and thus, it consists mostly of Cebuano-speaking residents & their families who are living in Guelph and the nearby cities of Cambridge & Kitchener - Waterloo.

Filipino Nurses Association of Quebec
The FNAQ is a professional, non profit educational community service oriented organization, dedicated to maintain and enhance the professional development of its members, whose purpose is to uphold the positive image of its constituents. It is incorporated under Part Three of the Quebec Companies Act No. 023 LO1 # 1142630525.