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July 19, 2021

After 3 years of stay in Canada, Donald Mempin may now apply for Canadian Citizenship! Congrats!

3 years ago, Donald Mempin was granted a Permanent Resident Status via Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He recently informed us that he will now be applying for Canadian Citizenship!

May 2, 2016

Immigrate to Canada via New Brunswick Express Entry Entry Stream

You may be eligible to immigrate to Canada via New Brunswick Express Entry Stream if you have at least 1 year experience in the following occupations:

April 22, 2016

Mr. Shannon Pelayo, a Registered Nurse, was recently granted a PR Visa via Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Registered Nurses are currently not a priority under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.   But Mr. Shannon Pelayo, a Registered Nurse, was recently granted a permanent resident visa under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

March 1, 2016

Health Care Professional - British Columbia Express Entry

If you have an active Express Entry Profile and you belong to any have at least 2 year experience in any of the following Health Care Professional Occupations, you may be eligible to apply for British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program - Health Care Professional Stream:

January 31, 2016

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

Since the announcement by the Government of Alberta on January 27, 2016 about the opening of Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP), I have been receiving a lot of inquiries about the program.  Oftentimes, the statement would be like "I was told by my relative that Alberta is now accepting applications for AINP and that I should apply immediately".  But they will end up disappointed after I tell them how the program works.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)
Banff, Alberta, Canada (May 2015)

So I thought of writing about Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) and to guide those planing to immigrate to Canada. So here it goes...

In a nut shell, you are not eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada under AINP if you:

  • are presently not in Alberta and with a valid work permit, or
  • don't have a valid job offer from an employer in Alberta or
  • don't have financial resources and farm management experience to establish a farm in Alberta
How to qualify and get a permanent residence in Canada via Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)?

First, you need to be Canada ready. Get your documents ready. This includes properly documenting your identity, education, training, work experience and language proficiency.  As to how you will be able to do it, you may visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada website ( and you can get the information you need for FREE.

But if you think you need help, you may take our FREE Online Assessment or attend one of our information seminar/orientation schedules.

January 15, 2016

UPDATE: New Brunswick FREE Information Session Official Sign Up Page

Please be informed that this Information Session is FREE.  To confirm your reservation for the New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream, you need to sign up directly via EELMS Official sign up page.

UPDATE: New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream

The Provincial Nominee Immigration Officers will be conducting 10 minute interviews after the information sessions for people who believe they satisfy the criteria of the Program and have a genuine interest to settle in New Brunswick. Priority will be given to people who have the IELTS or TEF language results and a Canadian Educational Credential Assessment. You will have an opportunity to be interviewed after the session or the following day in the morning.

The New Brunswick Express Entry Stream of will not accept applications from individuals who work in a profession that is regulated in New Brunswick (requires a licence to practice such as a pharmacist or physician) unless they have a valid job offer in New Brunswick and a licence to practice in the province of New Brunswick. Please do not register to this session if you work in such a profession and you do not have a licence to practice in New Brunswick.

The following are the sessions organized by Canadian Immigration Consultancy for the Government of New Brunswick. You may sign up by clicking the links below. You will be directed to official registration page:

 Jan 23 2pm

 Jan 23 6pm

 Jan 24 10am

 Jan 24 2pm

Venue will be at AIM Conference Center Manila located at Benavidez corner Trassierra Streets, Legazpi Villaage Makati City. You will received an email confirmation after a successful registration.

IMPORTANTCanadian Immigration Consultancy is not a recruitment agency. We do not offer job placement or employment in Canada.  It is not mandatory to hire the services of immigration consultant/lawyer in applying for visa. Canadian Immigration Consultancy does not guarantee approval. The most the we can do is help you increase your chances by avoiding unnecessary mistakes.  You can bank on our more than 20 years of experience in visa application assistance. You may visit the official New Brunswick website for the scheduled information session at

December 9, 2015

Morden Immigration - Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative

Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative (MCDII) is part of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.  

Morden Immigration - Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Morden is a smaller Canadian city of about 9,000 residents. Located in the heart of the continent, Morden is a  growing prairie city with plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community.

Morden prides itself on providing a vibrant community with an extraordinary quality of life that will inspire your senses. Boasting world-class events such as the Corn & Apple Festival, full medical services at Agassiz Medical Centre and Boundary Trails Hospital, and modern conference & recreational facilities at the Access Event Centre, Morden caters to all needs and lifestyles.

Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative offers formal support to applicants who have no other connections or means up support in Canada. In order to qualify you MUST:
  • Be between the ages of 21 and 45 
  • Have no other connection to other parts of Canada (e.i. through friends, relatives or previous employment or education) 
  • Have completed a post-secondary education or training program of at least one year duration, for which you received a diploma, certificate, or degree 
  • At least two years of full-time work experience in the past five years 
  • A General IELTS test with a minimum score of 5 in EACH band 
  • Have the genuine intention and ability to economically establish and settle in Morden 
  • Have settlement funds as required by MPNP ($10,000 for the Principal Applicant and $2,000 for each dependent).  This is in addition to any funds needed for exploratory visits expenses. 
  • Fall within one of our targeted occupations: (manufacturing entry level worker, cabinetmakers, factory sewing machine operators and heavy vehicle mechanic)
The targeted occupations is subject to changes. If you interested to apply under the Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative, you must visit for updated information.  

The above-mentioned occupations are being prioritized but the program is open to all occupations.  

The process is simple:

1. You send an application via email
2. If accepted, you will be invited for Exploratory Visit. You will be interviewed in Winnipeg by MPNP Officer
3. If you passed the interview, you will be given a nomination certificate
4. You apply for PR Visa

If you are interested to apply under this program, we can help.  Send your resume to

If you do not qualify for Express Entry or don't have relative or employer to endorse your application, this is for you!


Information posted here at is not a legal advise.  Information about Canadian Visa Application is available for free at If you want to hire a representative for your Canada Visa Application, please be informed that only Registered Immigration Consultants and Lawyers who are member and with good standing with Canadian Law Society, can represent you for a fee.

March 2, 2014

Regional Labour Market Demand | Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Regional Labour Market Demand Stream of Nova Scotia Nominee Program will start accepting new applications on March 6, 2014. This program is open to some NOC 0, A and B job classifications with at least 2 years related experience within the last five years.

Regional Labour Market Demand - Nova Scotia
Photo Credit:
Only a CLB Level 5 is required for the English language and at must have completed at least Canadian equivalent of High School Diploma (12 years of formal education). Ideal age is 21-55 years old.Applicant must also establish his/her intention to settle in Nova Scotia. If you have immediate relatives in other province, this may not work for you.

The following are the In-Demand Occupations identified under the Regional Labour Market Demand Stream of Nova Scotia Nominee Program

  • Systems Testing Technicians 
  • Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technologists and Technicians 
  • Registered Nurses 
  • Head Nurses and Supervisors 
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians 
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians 
  • Managers in Health Care 
  • Computer Engineers 
  • Licensed Practical Nurses 
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers 
  • Mechanical Engineers 
  • User Support Technicians 
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers 
  • Specialist Physicians 
  • General Practitioners and Family Physicians 
  • Financial Auditors and Accountants 
  • Software Engineers and Designers 
  • Medical Laboratory Technologists and Pathologists' Assistants 
  • Insurance Adjusters and Claims Examiners 
  • Information Systems Analysts and Consultants 
  • Welders 
  • Machinists 
  • Industrial Electricians 
  • Steamfitters/Pipefitters 
  • Sheet Metal Workers 

Please get in touch with your Agent if you already have a contract with Canadian Immigration Consultancy. For those interested to apply, please send resume to

November 17, 2013

New Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) Starting January 2, 2014

Effective January 2, 2014, the Provincial Government of Saskatchewan will be implementing the new Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

Image Credit:
The new SINP will have three main categories:

  • International Skilled Worker Program
  • Saskatchewan Experience
  • Entrepreneur and Farm

If you have a relative in Saskatchewan, this will be your chance.  You no longer need a job offer to be nominated!  However, SINP will accept only 250 applications in 2014 from applicants without a job offer. You have to get ready now!

Please note that not all occupations will be eligible under the new SINP - International Skilled Worker Program.  A priority list will be made available in December 2013.

UPDATE: For those inquiring about the New Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) Starting January 2, 2014, please send email to

July 23, 2012

Community Identified stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

How bad do you really want to live and work in Canada with your family?  If you are really serious about this plan, let Canadian Immigration Consultancy help you.  There's a temporary pause in accepting new applications for Federal Skilled Workers Program but there are other immigration programs available for you.

You don't want the Quebec Skilled Worker Program because of the French Language?  Try the Community Identified stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)!

You don't necessarily need a job offer for this program.  All you need is a Letter of Identification from any of the following Mandated Organizations for the Community Identified stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP):

  • Annapolis-Digby Economic Development Agency -
  • Antigonish Regional Development Authority -
  • Cape Breton County Economic Development Authority -
  • Colchester Regional Development Agency -
  • Cumberland Regional Economic Development Authority -
  • Greater Halifax Partnership -
  • Guysborough County Regional Development Authority -
  • Hants Regional Development Authority -
  • Kings Regional Development Agency -
  • Lunenburg Queens Regional Development -
  • Pictou Regional Development Agency -
  • Strait-Highlands Regional Development Agency -
  • Victoria County Municipality -
The good thing about this program is that the Age Criteria is between 21-55 years old.  IELTS is required too for this program.  This option, however, could be costly as this normally requires an exploratory visits to Nova Scotia.

If you are a client of Canadian Immigration Consultancy, please contact your Agent and inquire about this program.  We will be glad to assist with this option at no extra cost.

For those interested to live and work in Nova Scotia, you may sign up a consultancy agreement with only P28,000 initial deposit.  If interested, please send your updated resume to

March 11, 2012

MPNP Foreign Skilled Worker Backlog Reduction Initiative

The MPNP has launched Foreign Skilled Worker (FSW) Backlog Reduction Initiative in partnership with CIC as a means to alleviate the backlog of applicants under the CIC Federal Skilled Worker Program.

To be eligible for the MPNP FSW Backlog Reduction Initiative you must have received a letter of invitation from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

If you received a letter under this MPNP initiative, you must file your application on or before June 30, 2012.

You will receive an invitation letter to apply under MPNP Foreign Skilled Worker Backlog Reduction Initiative if you have a pending FSW application filed before Feb 27, 2008 and that you indicated Manitoba as your destination.

Ontario FSW Pilot Program | Opportunities Ontario

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has asked provinces and territories for assistance in reducing the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) backlog of applications submitted before February 2008 through the FSW Backlog Reduction Pilot (FSW Pilot) initiative.

Ontario FSW Pilot Program

The province of Ontario identified five (5) occupations in which applicants destined to the province will get an opportunity to apply for an Ontario nomination leading to permanent residency on an expedited basis.

If you submitted an application for permanent residence in Canada under the FSW program and that you declared Ontario as your destination, you will receive an invitation to apply as nominee if your occupation is any of the following:

Computer Analysts and Consultants (NOC 2171)
Software Developers (NOC 2173)
Interactive Media Programmers and Developers (NOC 2174)
Financial and Investment Analysts (NOC 1112)
Mathematicians (NOC 2161)

Applicant to Opportunities Ontario under the FSW Pilot must meet the following criteria:

1. Intend to live and work in Ontario.

2. Be in one of the five occupations identified by Ontario (Computer Analysts and Consultants/NOC 2171, Software Developers/NOC 2173, Interactive Media Programmers and Developers/NOC 2174, Financial and Investment Analysts/NOC 1112, Mathematicians/NOC 2161).

3. Have a minimum of 3 years of related, paid, full-time verifiable experience in that occupation within the past 5 years.

4. Have a minimum of a 3-year degree from a post-secondary institution.

5. Have a minimum language proficiency of 6.5 for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or 4.5 for the Test d’evaluation du fran├žais (TEF).

6. Demonstrate a minimum level of savings/income to support yourself and your dependants. See 2011 Updated Settlement Funds Schedule for the amount you need.

If you received an invitation to apply under Ontario FSW Pilot Program, you must submit your application on or before May 4, 2012. Opportunities Ontario can only nominate 600 applicants under this initiative.

March 10, 2012

AINP - Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Backlog Reduction Pilot

If you have a pending FSW application filed before February 27, 2008 and that you selected Alberta as your destination, you may be eligible under AINP - Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Backlog Reduction Pilot. This would mean an expedited process!

You will receive a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada inviting you to apply under this program if in your Federal Skilled Worker application you indicated that you were interested in moving to Alberta and that you work in one of four occupations in need in Alberta:

NOC 0211 – Engineering Managers
NOC 2131 – Civil Engineers
NOC 2132 – Mechanical Engineers
NOC 0911 – Manufacturing Managers

Criteria you must meet in order to be eligible for the AINP

At the time of application to the AINP, you the Candidate must:

1. Intend to and be able to live and work in Alberta
2. Be between the ages of 24 and 55
3. Meet the following education criteria:

- You have completed a post-secondary diploma or degree program at least two (2) years in duration at an accredited educational institution, in a field of study directly related to your current employment and work experience:

If you are working as a NOC 0211 – Engineering Manager, NOC 2131 – Civil Engineer or NOC 2131 – Mechanical Engineer, a related field of study includes an engineering technology diploma or degree, and

- You currently meet and/or met the licensing or registration requirements to perform the job duties of your current and previous jobs in the country in which you were performing those job duties (if applicable) OR

- You have a “Letter of No Objection” from the body regulating the engineering profession in Alberta, The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) or be registered with APEGGA as a foreign licensee.

4. Be currently performing the job duties of the occupation (NOC) identified in the letter you received from CIC advising you of this Pilot, and have a minimum of three (3) years paid, full-time work experience performing duties in this occupation since January 1, 2007

5. Have achieved a minimum overall band score of 6.5 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) in the last two (2) years OR a minimum of Level 4.0 on the Test d’evaluation de fran├žais (TEF) in the last two (2) years.

6. Have accessible funds in a bank or financial institution of at least CAD $10,000 for the Candidate, and CAD $2,000 for each of the Candidate’s dependants (spouse or common-law partner and child)

Joint accounts with your Spouse/Common-law partner (if applicable) in which you are clearly identified as one of the account holders are acceptable.

Please note that meeting these criteria does not guarantee your application will be assessed, or that you will be issued a Nomination letter or a permanent resident visa.

If you received an invitation letter, you must submit your application on or before June 1, 2012. More information here.

Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) Program Backlog Reduction | FSW Pilot Program

If you submit an application for permanent residence in Canada under the Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) program before Feb 27, 2008, there may be a good news for you.
Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) Program Backlog Reduction | FSW Pilot Program
We recently received correspondences from 3 Provincial Case Processing Pilot offices of Citizenship and Immigration Canada for 92 clients with pending FSW application filed before February 27, 2008. This is part of CIC's Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) Program Backlog Reduction Pilot program.

The three provinces are Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba. If you declared any of the said provinces as your destination in Canada and your occupation is included in the province's in-demand occupation, you will receive a letter of invitation to submit an application for Provincial Nominee Program.

More information about FSW Backlog Reduction Pilot here:

AINP - Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Backlog Reduction Pilot

Ontario FSW Pilot Program

Manitoba Foreign Skilled Worker Backlog Reduction Initiative

This program is not limited to the three provinces. This FSW Backlog Reduction Pilot is a partnership with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and provincial and territorial governments in Canada. But as of this writing, we have only received a letter of invitation from Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta.

December 6, 2011

Update: Provincial Nominee Program Application Process

Effective Dec. 1, 2011, all provincial nominees must submit their permanent resident applications to CIC's new centralized intake unit in Sydney, N.S. This is after receiving the nomination certificate from the province.

Prior to this, provincial nominees submit permanent resident visa applications to the Canadian Visa Office. With the new Provincial Nominee Program Application Process, it may mean further delay in the application process.

Provincial Nominee Program now have 3 application stages:

1. Application for Nomination Certificate

2. Assessment from CIO

3. Verification by the Canadian Visa Office.

More information about the changes here.

August 10, 2011

MPNP Online Applicatiion Tool | Changes in Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Applicants under Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) priority streams may now apply online to have an expedited process using MPNP Online Applicatiion Tool.

MPNP Online Applicatiion Tool
MPNP Online Application Tool

This streamlined online application process is the first and most successful immigration program of its kind in Canada.

MPNP priority streams include Employer Direct Stream, International Student Stream, Family Support Stream and Strategic Initiative Stream.

Applicants under MPNP General Steam are accepted by mail only, and receive regular processing. This program is still open. However, MPNP is now requiring a detailed settlement plan. MPNP General Stream is not a sponsorship program, your financial situation and the community in which you've chosen to settle are two considerations in adaptability.

These changes in Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program will definitely help improve the application process for those who intend to live and work in Manitoba.

July 15, 2011

MPNP Family Support Stream | Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Immigrating to Manitoba, Canada through MPNP Family Support Stream?

Whirlpool Lake, Manitoba
Whirlpool Lake, Manitoba (Image Ceredit:

Here are the basic qualifications for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) Family Support Stream:

  • Age. Must be between the ages of 21 and 49

  • Education. You have completed minimum of one year post secondary educational or training program and received a diploma, certificate or degree

  • Work Experience. You have minimum of 2 years of full time work experience within the past 5 years. There is currently no restricted occupations.

  • Language Ability. IELTS General Training Exam Result not lower than 5 or proof of English language proficiency from school and employer. Best to take the IELTS.

  • Adaptability. You must be able to establish your intention and ability to successfully establish in Manitoba based on your connection in the province (i.e. support from qualified family/relatives in Manitoba). You must also be able to convince the visa officer that you are employable in Manitoba.

  • Close family/relative in Manitoba is defined as mother/father, son/daughter/, sister/brother, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, grandparent or first cousin (your aunt/uncle's son/daughter).

    Other streams under Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program are the General Stream, Employer Stream and Strategic Initiative.

    June 11, 2010

    Has the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program ended?

    There are rumors circuating around that the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) will be ending this year. I often receive this kind of question about MPNP.

    Has the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program ended?

    If you have questions about Canada's immigration programs, always consult the official website first. That's what I did and here's the answer I found:
    No. The MPNP does not end. There is no deadline date to submit applications.

    Ok. The site's FAQ may not be updated. Now, consider what I've found from Labour Market Bulletin - Manitoba (May 2010):

    The province has announced that it will increase the minimum wage by 50 cents an hour to $9.50 on October 1. The Manitoba Labour Federation was advocating for an increase of 75 cents an hour effective April 1, while business leaders were advocating for either an increase of no more than 30 cents or no increase at all. Manitoba created almost 7,000 jobs in April, increasing from 612,200 employed to 619,000 over the month.

    The unemployment rate for Manitoba in April was 4.9%, up from the 4.6% unemployment rate for April 2009, while the labour force participation rate increased from 68.9% to 69.8% in the same time period.

    In 2009, over 12,000 immigrants entered Manitoba, the largest annual immigration total since 1913. This increase from the 3,725 immigrants to Manitoba in 1999 means that immigration levels have tripled in the last decade. This increase has been attributed to the provincial nominee program which was introduced in 1998. The province has a target of increasing immigration to 20,000 immigrants per year 2017.

    Manitoba targets 20,000 immigrants!

    I've been trying to search for official announcements regarding the planned ending of MPNP but without luck. What I do know is that they are still processing applications. In fact, here's a MPNP applicant I have assisted who were issued visa just recently.

    Mr and Mrs Vergara, together with their children will be moving to Canada before the school year begins this year. They were sponsored by Mr. Vergara's former colleague and kumpare.

    To qualify under MPNP General Stream, you need two distant relatives or friends who are ready and willing to support you. In their case, the wife of Mr. Vergara's kumpare served as the 2nd sponsor.

    Mr. and Mrs Vergara are both doing great on their chosen fields. But they still decided to immigrate to Canada because of one thing - they want to prepare a better future for their children. It is a major decision and takes a lot of courage to get out of your comfort zone. But they did it just the same and it's for a noble intention. Hats off to the Vergara couples!

    Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is still open. File your application now!

    August 8, 2009

    NTNP Guidelines for Critical Impact Worker Guidelines

    The NTNP Critical Impact Worker program is intended to assist Northwest Territories (NWT) employers with critical labour shortages that cannot be filled by local residents. This category is designed to increase the labour pool for entry level jobs (NOC skill levels C & D) in the hospitality and service sector industry to address the critical need of semi-skilled workers in the NWT.

    Employees must have worked in the position for six months under a temporary foreign worker permit. This category will be closely monitored and will remain in place until the labour market for semi-skilled workers within the NWT economy indicates this category is no longer required.

    Application process and eligibility requirements under the Critical Impact Worker is almost similar to that of NTNP Skilled Worker Category. The only difference is that the Critical Impact Worker is applicable only to workers classified under NOC skill levels C & D and has been working in Canada for at least six months.

    NTNP Guidelines for Skilled Worker Category

    Here's the Northwest Territories Nominee Program guidelines for Skilled Worker.

    The NTNP Skilled Worker Category is an employer driven process that is intended for skilled occupations for which formal education and/or specialized training is required (NOC Skills Level O, A and B). It is designed to attract qualified individuals that will assist with shortages of skilled workers in the Northwest Territories (NWT).

    Employer Eligibility:

  • Have a job vacancy;

  • Identify a potential nominee;

  • Be a registered business, industry association or a local, municipal, First
    Nation or Territorial government in the NWT that has been registered and
    operational for a minimum of one year;

  • Provide proof that they have tried to recruit locally and nationally to fill the
    position using national advertising requirements; and,

  • Obtain a Labour Market Opinion (LMO)

  • A Human Resources Plan that verifies the need to fill the position with a nominee will be evaluated as an asset to the application. The employer is responsible for completion of the application form and for submission of all required documentation to ECE.

    The Offer of Employment must:
  • Be for a permanent full-time position;

  • Be in an occupation that falls into NOC Matrix Skill Levels O, A or B

  • Not conflict with existing collective bargaining agreements;

  • Comply with the NWT Employment Standards Act; and,

  • Provide a comparable industry rate of pay.

  • Nominee Eligibility:

  • Have the required certification or accreditation for the specific trade or

  • Be licensed or accepted by the Territorial body governing the occupation or trade, if applicable;

  • Be able to conduct basic communications in either English or French,
    depending on the official language of the work place; and,

  • Not be a refugee claimant.

  • When submitting an application form, employers should be sure to include the
    following documents:
  • Letter of offer of employment

  • Proof of attempted local and national recruitment for the position

  • Labour Market Opinion (LMO)

  • Original or certified true copy of nominee’s accreditation translated into
    English or French

  • Original or certified true copy confirming nominee’s previous work experience, translated into English or French

  • Copy of nominee’s temporary work permit (if available or applicable).

  • Here's where you may get more information, application forms and where to send your NTNP Skilled Worker category application:

    Canada/NWT Service Centre
    North Slave Region
    Education, Culture and Employment
    Government of the NWT
    Greenstone Building
    110, 5101 - 50TH AVE
    BOX 1320
    Ph: (867) 766-5100
    Fx: (867) 873-0423

    ECE Service Centre
    Deh Cho Region
    Education, Culture and Employment
    Government of the NWT
    9802 – 98 Ave
    BOX 740
    Ph: (867) 695-7332
    Fx: (867) 695-7351

    ECE Service Centre
    Sahtu Region
    Education, Culture and Employment
    Government of the NWT
    BOX 147
    Ph: (867) 587-7163
    Fx: (867) 587-2612

    ECE Service Centre
    Beaufort Delta Region
    Education, Culture and Employment
    Government of the NWT
    Mack Travel Building, 2nd Floor
    Ph: (867) 777-7137
    Fx: (867) 777-7218

    ECE Service Centre
    Education, Culture and Employment
    Government of the NWT
    Courthouse Building
    Ph: (867) 874-5050
    Fx: (867) 874-5062

    ECE Service Centre
    South Slave Region
    Education, Culture and Employment
    Government of the NWT
    Sweetgrass Building
    BOX 1406
    Ph: (867) 872-7425
    Fx: (867) 872-4507

    I'll update this post once the application forms for NTNP Skilled Worker Category are made available online at GNWT Education, Culture and employment website,