August 11, 2023

Turning Visa Application Refusals into Approvals: The Power of Expertise and Legal Argument

Applying for a visa to enter a foreign country can be a complex and nerve-wracking process. The dreams of pursuing education, work, or a better life can hinge on the approval of a single visa application. Unfortunately, not all applications are met with a positive response. Visa refusals can be devastating, but there's a glimmer of hope in the form of experienced immigration consultants who specialize in crafting strong legal arguments based on case law. Gateway to Canada, with its decades of experience, exemplifies how legal expertise can turn the tide for applicants facing visa refusals.

August 3, 2023

Unlocking the Canadian Dream: The Smart Path to Permanent Residence

As parents, we want nothing but the best for our children, especially when it comes to their education and future. Choosing the right path after high school can significantly impact their career and opportunities. One option that stands out as a smarter and more cost-effective route is sending your child to study in Canada for a 2-year diploma. By doing so, they can avoid the need to study again in Canada for permanent residence purposes and open doors to an array of benefits, including sponsoring their loved ones, like you, for permanent residency. In this blog post, we will explore this smart path and how it leads to a brighter future for your child and your family.

June 29, 2023

Study in Canada Info Session in Alabang | July 22, 20223

In collaboration with our highly recommended partner schools in Canada, we're conducting a Free Info Session about student visa pathway to permanent residence in Canada. Join us on July 22, 2023 Saturday from 1PM to 5PM at Crimson Hotel in Alabang Muntinlupa City!