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About Work Permit

Most foreign nationals need a Work Permit to legally work in Canada. In order to apply for a employer-specific work permit, you must have a job offer supported by a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) report. You may apply for an Open Work Permit if you are a Spouse of an International Student who is studying a Masters of Doctorate programs or if you are a Spouse of a Temporary Foreign Worker.

Information about Work Permit application is available at Canada's immigration website.

Be a Canadian Ready Applicant

Sign up for our Get Ready Program to be a Canadian Ready Applicant. We help you document your work experiences, check your documents and coach you how to expose your resume to employers who are looking for workers with the skills, training and experience that you have.


We do not recruit workers for job placement in Canada or any other countries. If you are from the Philippines and are looking for employer in order to work in Canada, we highly recommend that you visit the Department of Migrant Workers  website ( for information and guide. ​

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