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Gateway to Canada  is a consortium of immigration service providers specializing in delivering a comprehensive range of services tailored to address the diverse needs of individuals seeking visa applications for Canada. Our array of services encompasses assistance with visa applications, support for school admissions, landing services, financial planning, provision of insurance, and investment guidance. 


With an outstanding team of seasoned professionals, Gateway to Canada ensures unwavering support and guidance for our esteemed clients throughout the immigration process and their settlement in Canada. Our mission is to empower individuals with the utmost efficiency and help them achieve their desired goals by providing an unparalleled journey to Canada. 

Canadian Immigration Consultancy:
Making Canadian Dream Happen
Since 1989

As career and life planner, Canadian Immigration Consultancy has guided more than 70,000 Filipinos in securing immigrant visas for Canada. We have set up graduates on a professional career path, reunited families, placed students on the education pathway to immigration, and demonstrated the benefits of immigration over an OFW life.

Time and again we have shown how immigration can help Filipinos work towards a more permanent solution to their financial challenges.  We strongly advise against taking the quick but ultimately temporary fix of becoming an OFW.

Immigration though takes commitment. It also takes a consultant who is up to date on immigration regulations, quick to grasp opportunities when they open up for our clients and meticulous in guiding them through a maze of rules, processes and forms.


By working together and by developing stronger relationships with our partners and clients, we are helping each and every applicant achieve real financial security. We are helping families help themselves.

We make your dreams of financial security come true.

We are CIC. We are your Gateway to Canada.

ICEF Agency Status: The Global Quality Standard for International Education Agencis

Founding Member of International Education Consultants Alliance of the Philippines

Top Performing Agent of Okanagan College in the Philippines

Fanshawe College Platinum Awardee

Recognitions, Awards and Affiliations

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