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Why Study in Canada? 

  • High Quality Education Options. Canada is known for flexible and high quality education and research opportunities. 

  • Post Graduation Work Permit. Gain valuable experience after our studies.

  • Bring your family. Your spouse may join you and may work full time while you study

  • Pathways to Permanent Residence. Opportunity to apply for permanent residence

Our Scope of Services

  • We will analyze your case and recommend school and program based on your preferences. It doesn't need to be our partner school

  • Properly guide you how to document your Student Visa application

  • Monitor and Follow up your application as may be necessary

  • Pre-departure orientation before you leave for Canada to have a smooth arrival and settlement in Canada

  • Ticketing service through our partner travel agency, if you need assistance

  • Documents review by IRCC Authorized Paid Representative

  • Representation from an IRCC Authorized Paid Representative

  • Submission Letter form an IRCC Authorized Paid Representative 

  • Signed Use of Representative Form (IMM 5476)


Let us help you!

Gateway to Canada is not just an Education Agent. We are a full service immigration service provider. We can assist you from school admission up to citizenship application! You can bank on our over 30 years of experience in Canadian visa processing​. We offer free admission application assistance for our partner schools

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