Wednesday, February 04, 2015

First Round of Express Entry Candidates Received Invitation to Apply!

Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced the other day that the first round of top-ranked candidates from Canada's Express Entry system were invited to apply for permanent residency.
First Round of Express Entry Candidates Received Invitation to Apply!

On Saturday, January 31, 779 skilled workers, including professionals in natural and applied sciences, and industrial, electrical and construction trades, were invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada.  Each of these candidates declared that they already have a valid job offer or provincial nomination. The CRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited to apply is 886 points. The highest possible score is 1,200.  

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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Live and Work in Canada via Federal Skilled Worker Program (Express Entry)

Live and Work in Canada via Federak Skilled Worker Program (Express Entry)

It took about 5 years for Dr. Hernandez, a Geriatrician, to finally receive the Permanent Resident visa for her family.  Her application was filed under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.  They will soon be moving to Canada to enjoy a better quality of life!

Do you want to live and work in Canada with your family too?  Do you want to enjoy a better quality of life in Canada?

The good news is you do not have to wait for 5 years under the new Express Entry System!  Once invited to apply, your visa will now be processed in 6 months or less!

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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Express Entry System is Now Open!

Canada's Express Entry System is now open for those who are planning to live and work in Canada!  Here's a video explaining how Express Entry works...

Express Entry System is not an immigration program.  It's a management process for the following Immigration Programs:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class
The first step to process your application, if you are eligible, is to create your Express Entry Profile.  Once created, you need to create a Job Profile at Canada Job Bank.  Please note that you only have 30 days to create a job profile to activate your Express Entry Profile. Failure to do so would lead to cancellation of your Express Entry Profile.

Being admitted to the Express Entry Pool does not guarantee a visa.  You need to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) before you may apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.  On a regular basis, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will draw from the Pool and will select those with higher ranking using the new Points System.

To increase your ranking, there are several things you may do:

  • Improve your Language Test Results
  • Get a Job Offer
  • Get a Nomination
It may sound complicated and difficult but it really is a beneficial both for Canada and prospective immigrants.  For clients of Proactive Immigration Advisers Corp's clients, it will be less complicated because creating this Express Entry Profile will be done for them and they will be guided throughout the process. 

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Guide to Obtaining a Permit from Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ) for Nurses Outside Canada

If you are applying for Quebec Selection Certificate to immigrate to Canada via Quebec Skilled Worker Program, it will help you case if you will now start processing your application for permit to practice nursing profession in Quebec.  It will not only help you establish your ability and intent to settle in Quebec (Adaptability factor), but it will also make your transition easier. 

Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ)

The following are the main steps to obtain your right to practice nursing in Quebec through Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (The Order):

1. Prepare your application for recognition of equivalence
To start the process and to receive by email the necessary documentation for the equivalence of your diploma please complete the application form at the following, fill out this online form
2. Obtain a decision from the Admission by Equivalence committee
3. Complete a professional integration program
4. Obtain the status of Candidate for the Profession of Nursing (CPN)
5. Pass the Professional Examination
6. Obtain your Permanent Permit
7. Apply for entry on the annual record of members of the Order

More information on how to obtain a Permit from Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ) for Nurses Outside Canada is available at