Client Reviews for Gateway to Canada

Here's what our clients say about us. You may read more of our clients' reviews at our Facebook Page.

"Mr Apol Apuntar and his team made our dreams into reality! Way back December 2015, we inquired with sir Apol on how to come to Canada.
 We tried express entry but unfortunately our scores is not that high to be included in the draw. Sir Apol told us about the International Student pathway. At first hesitant kami, ang dami kong tanong. Makakasama ko ba family ko if mag student ako. Ayoko kasi na ako lang ang aalis at maiiwan sila sa Pilipinas. But with proper explanation, kasama ang mga true stories based sa mga previous clients nila, 
Sir Apol made sure na we are in good hands. Para nga naman tumaas ang points ko sa express entry, one of the requirements is Canadian education. So we grab that opportunity. May mga alinlangan at first. Money is one of the issues. Pero kung d kami susugal, at di namin itatry, wala mangyayari. It took Sir Apol's team to process our papers in 5 months. At gaya ng hiling ko, d ako aalis ng Pilipinas kung di ko kasama mag-ama ko. And after 5 months of processing, approve kami ng pamilya ko. We came in Canada last August 2016. I'm on student permit while my husband is on Open Work Permit. Both of us did our very best para maging permanent resident. Yun ang goal namin. Ang husband ko nag apply ng permanent residency while I am studying since may 2 years na syang full time work experience. 
Mula sa pag renew ng mga permits namin, sa mga never ending questions kahit nandito kami sa Canada, active na active si Sir Apol. Talagang ina-accomodate nya lahat ng tanong namin. Nag sa-suggest sya ng mga pathway para maging permanent resident kami dito. And finally, after almost 3 years, we our very proud and happy to say na PR na kami. This is all with the help of Sir Apol Apuntar and his team! D nya talaga kami pinabayaan mula sa umpisa ng aming journey dito sa Canada. True to their promise, talaga from student/open work permit to PR. Yun ang pangako nila na hanggang maging PR kami nandyan sila. Tatak CIC, Tatak Proactive! Salamat Sir Apol! Mabuhay ang team nyo! #TeamApol #TeamCICAlabang" - Danna May Rodriguez

Julia Cabahug

"My experience here 100/100 they gave the best service, they do everything for u from scratch and they gave the best advice that can possibly happen for u in the future. 

I love how everyone was approachable if u need something to clarify to, they also respond through email really quickly and i loved it. everyone was friendly & they gave u the best service that u can have. i highly recommend this to someone who wants to start something new and live in abroad if u want to start there and don’t know anything how to apply etc.. they will help u and guide through it all and now as an international student they helped me to get to my dream school and i am thankful for that." - Julia Cabahug

Ephraim Madlangsakay

"Thank you for the meticulous and detailed instructions. The dedication to quality. And your continuous support and guidance. As we begin a new chapter of our lives, we hope that many more will be successful in their applications." - Ephraim Madlangsakay

Maricar Batingal

"I’d like to give my sincere compliments and gratitude to Canadian Immigration Consultancy- Alabang and especially to Mr. Benjie Rustia for all your effort and dedication to my visa application. 
And now I am finally here. It’s already been 5 months.


Thank you so much CIC Family for providing excellent service! I’m grateful for all your help.Turn your Dreams into Reality!" - Maricar Batingal

Dondon Miranda

"Big YES!! highly recommended, i've been planning my way to canada like 5yrs ago, really can't get a accurate info on people whose in canada on what to do.

Then it came gateway to canada thank God all works together for good, sa staff from Alma claveria, to sir apol and the gang!!feels like at home ako wala halo plastic, more power thanks for helping us to have a new life, hope to another country, cheers!!" - Dondon Miranda

Custel Dolatre

"Good and friendly agents. Very accommodating and supportive to all your needs. Will recommend to any friends who will ask me. Thank you so much. Thank you sir Apol, ma’am Tin amd sir Benjie for all your support." - Custel Dolatre

Charmaine Sarmiento 

'Thank you so much to Sir Aron Austria and to staff of gateway to Canada. Very accommodating and responsible. You're hands on to my application until end. Thank you so much especially to Sir Aron Austria." - Charmaine Sarmiento

Erick Jimenez 

"For a hassle-free application. choose CIC. Thank you for your assistance!" - Erick Jimenez

Jan Micah Pedro 

"I made an appointment with Sir Benjie last 2013 and I would say that is the best decision I ever made in my life.
Sir Benjie was really helpful from the beginning of my application up to end. I was granted a visa and now I am a permanent resident of Canada. 
Also, to all the staff of CIC, who I always email and ask about my application, thank you. keep up the good work and continue helping people achieve their Canadian dream." - Jan Micah Pedro

Alvin Dimatatac

"Aaron Austria is the best person I ever knew in this field! I remembered my experience working with him and guiding us throughout the process and he helped us in every possible way. What I liked, he is very honest and straightforward. Moreover, he will do his very best to help you achieve your goals and dreams and now here we are embracing it here in Canada. There’s also a bonus —- she also helped my sister and now she also got her PR!

Our family will be forever thankful to you Mr. Aaron Austria! You’re highly recommended in this field and we know that you will help more people with your professionalism and integrity. God bless you more!" - Alvin Dimatatac

Jay Tumbokon

"Me and my wife will always be grateful to this wonderful team. Especially to Apol, Ms Cherry & Ms Tin. We are now in Vancouver, Canada and will start living our dream. 
Although applying for the PR will still be a challenge, I believe that with the help of this same team we will be able to acquire it. Thank you Sir Apol, Ms Cherry & Ms Tin for the patience of completing & building all our credentials to be able to convince the visa officer to grant us the Study & Work Permit. We are looking forward for the PR application. We will keep ion touch." - Jay Tumbokon

Faye Bravo

"Great people, very accommodating a highly recommended for those who wants to go or study in Canada, Gateway to Canada is the best!" - Faye Bautista Bravo

Arvin Vargas

"Legit 11/10 rating for me, best experience and making dreams come true. Very responsive and helpful in anyways they can! More power to sir Apol and the team" - Arvin Vargas

Maan Vizconde
"I will recommend sir Benjie Rustia for being so acommodating and friendly.thank you so much." - Maan Vizconde

Pearly Tarr

"Apol is really good at what he does. He and his staff were really helpful and we got approved in less than a year. Gateway to Canada is highly recommended." - Pearly Tarr.


Anabelle Clarino

"Sir Apol is a great,responsible and dedicated to all his applicants. He always help us all the way here and manage to do his best for us to settle in Canada . We hope and pray for everything with all his guidance and support and continue to work hard to be successful in our dreams for our family. Thanks so much sir you are such a blessing to all of us....." - Anabelle Clarino

Dean Travis
"Sir Apol, sir Patrick and the rest of the staff has been nothing but very accommodating to us. They have been very patient with all our inquries, follow-ups and even up to this point, even if we are already here in Canada, they still makes sure to follow-up with how we are adjusting to life here.

Kudos to your team and I am sure that you will still help other families to make their dream a reality." - Dean Travis

Gaya Paungan

"This is to thank everyone at Gateway to Canada. All are friendly and accommodating. Special thanks to Apol, Irene and JD Specialist(?). You had helped us to think positively. You never stopped from giving us options to take until we finally came up with a right decision. Your clients would love you, guys! More power!!" - Gaya Paungan

Elyssa-May Dimatatac Agarri

"It's a great pleasure to be accommodated by Gateway to Canada especially assisted by sir Aaron Austria ,Ms. Irene and other staff members who made my Canada dream just one step away!
It is a long process but worth the wait , all in God's perfect timing." - Elyssa-May Dimatatac Agarri

Gilbert Briones
"Aaron Austria is a very professional, he is well knowledgeable when it comes to procedure and proper documentation. He is "The Guy" when your planning to study, work and live here in Canada. Many thanks to you again Aaron. Cheers!" Gilbert Briones

Pauline Castillo
"Thank you to this team for making everything possible! Especially to Sir Patrick and Ms. Jona for guiding us all the way! More clients and blessings to you all!" - Pauline Castillo  

Jace Nullas
"Thank you so much for helping us along the way.. Finally we’re here in Canada. More power to the team. God bless and May you continue to help more people in achieving their Canadian Dream." - Jace Nullas

Gloariana Talavera
"Thank you gateway to canada for making our dreams come true." - Gloriana Talavera

Joana Mae Molina
"Great team! They are very responsive and accommodating. God bless to the team." - Joana Mae Molina


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