How Much Is Your Consultancy Fee? Is it Refundable?

Are you just interested about the fee? Wouldn't you be interested to find out about our track record, too? Wouldn't you want to know how we may be able to help you first? You see, there are many immigration consulting firms whose selling point is their lowest consultancy fee in the industry. Some others do it for free. Most of them don't have the track record to speak of. Would you be comfortable in entrusting your future to them?

You can bank on Canadian Immigration Consultancy's over 30 years of experience in Canadian Visa Processing. We have already sent thousands of clients to Canada. This is our selling point, not our fee. Our consultancy fee varies depending on which program/visa you will be apply be applying for. 

We deal only with serious minded applicants. If you are serious about this, you may either attend one of our Webinars or Book an Appointment with one of our Case Managers to discuss this further.

Our consultancy fee is not refundable. It is not mandatory to hire the services of an Immigration Consultant/Lawyer. Information about Canada visa application is available FREEE at