How to Apply?

How to Apply for Visa to Canada

Information about Canada Visa Application is available for Free at  It is not mandatory to hire the services of an Immigration Consultant/Lawyer in order to apply for any type of visa. There is no guarantee that your application will be approved if you hire one. But if you are planning to hire a somebody to assist you with your application, make sure that you are hiring an Authorized Representative


If this is your first time to make a Canadian Visa application, you are more susceptible to mistakes. And small mistakes make cause HUGE problems. We have been in the industry for over 30 years already and have already sent thousands of clients to Canada. You can definitely bank on with our 3 decades of industry experience.  Do your due diligence, read 
Feedbacks from clients, ask them about their experience how we handled their case and their status now in Canada.

IMPORTANT: We are not a recruitment agency, we can't help you find job in Canada.

Here's the step-by-step process if you decide to hire our services.

Step 1: Assessment
✓ Whether you are applying as visitor, worker, student or permanent, the first step is to assess your eligibility
✓ Assessment can be done online and it's FREE
✓ Take the Online Assessment now!

Step 2: Contract Signing
✓ You pay the consultancy fee and sign the contract. 
✓ We will then give you the application depending on your chosen pathway.
✓ The application kit contains the list of requirements, documentation guide, application forms, letter templates, etc.
✓ A Documentation Specialist will be assigned to you to explain the process in details and to answer your queries re documentation.
Step 3: Submission of Documents.
✓ Once completed, you will submit the required documents and application forms.
✓ Assigned Documentation Specialist will check the completeness of your documents

Step 4: Preparation of application forms and review of documents.

✓ Documentation Specialist prepare your application forms based on your draft and matched the information against the supporting documents.
✓ Documentation Specialist will then check the consistency, completeness and compliance of the supporting documents
Step 5: Quality Assurance.
✓ After you and your assigned Documentation Specialist agreed that everything is in order, it will then be forwarded to Senior Documentation Specialist for final review.✓ Your case will endorsed to to our ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultant for final review and submission to Visa Office.
Step 6: Filing of application.
✓ Your application will be filed with the Use of Representative, our ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultant. Study Visa processing time is 2 months.
Step 7: Result of the application.
✓ We will immediately inform you of the result of the application and follow up the case if there is a delay.
✓ Like you, we also hope for the best. We consider your success, our success.
 We look forward to including your name in our Client Gallery (Visa Grantees)!

Take the first step NOW. Take the FREE Online Assessment!