How to Apply?


Information about Canada Visa Application is available for Free at It is not mandatory to hire the services of an Immigration Consultant/Lawyer in order to apply for any type of visa. There is no guarantee that your application will be approved if you hire one. But if you are planning to hire somebody to assist you with your application, make sure that you are hiring an IRCC Authorized Representative. 


If this is your first time to make a Canadian Visa application, you are more susceptible to mistakes. And small mistakes make cause HUGE problems. Do your due diligence, read Feedbacks from clients, ask them about their experience how we handled their case and their status now in Canada. 

We are not just an Education Agent. We are a full service immigration consultancy firm with over 30 years of experience in Canadian Visa Processing

We provide in-Canada support. We provide assistance for your study/work permit extension, visitor record application, PGWP application and help you figure out your best PR pathway

Gateway to Canada clients are represented by an IRCC Authorized Representative

We provide free LOA assistance for over 300 schools across Canada that we are working with

We have a network of industry partners in Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Vancouver and Toronto making us able to provide total solution package for our clients

We provide assistance for all types of visa/immigration programs offered by Canada. To learn understand the process on to learn more about the process, attend this FREE Webinar

How to Apply?