May 27, 2008

British Columbia

British Columbia is famous for its natural beauty. It is home to 7 of Canada's National Parks:
  • Glacier National Park

  • Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

  • Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site

  • Kootenay National Park

  • Mount Revelstoke National Park

  • Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

  • Yoho National Park

  • This video will give you an idea what BC's Latin motto is all about: Splendor sine occasu (Splendour without Sunset)

    But British Columbia is not just about tourism. There are employment opportunity for you, too, if that is what you're looking for.

    Employment and Immigration Opportunity

    British Columbia is currently facing a labor shortage. And to address this problem, it opened its door to temporary foreign workers. Just few months ago, its sealed a deal with the Philippine Government to provide hiring priorities for the Filipino workers.

    British Columbia is one the provinces in Canada with Provincial Nominee Program. Its PNP program has two components:

    1.Strategic Occupations. Applications in this component of the BC PNP are considered in the following categories:

    Skilled Workers
    Managers, professionals, technologists and technicians, and skilled trades

    Designated Health Professionals
    Registered nurses, midwives, registered psychiatric nurses, and physicians

    International Graduates
    Recent graduates of recognized BC post-secondary institutions

    Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Pilot Project
    Select occupations in Tourism/Hospitality and Long-Haul Truck Drivers

    2.Business Immigrants. The BC PNP provides opportunities for business immigration in three separate categories:

  • Business Skills

  • Regional Business

  • Strategic Projects

  • For information about BC Provincial Nominee Program, click here.
    Cost Living

    The cost of living in British Columbia varies depending on which town or city you live. Housing costs in Victoria, Vancouver, Richmond and North Vancouver are higher there than in other cities or towns. British Columbia's general minimum wage is C$8/hr. For more info about cost of living in British Columbia, click here.


    British Columbia has the finest and warmest weather in Canada. It has highest temperature during summer 30°C (86°F) and has the mildest winter. For more information about BC's climate, click here or here

    Filipino Communities

    Pilipino-Bisayans in British Columbia
    Philippine Women Center
    Filipino Nurses Support Group
    BC Commitee for Human Rights in the Philippines
    Filipino Expat Meetups in Vancouver
    Filipino-Canadian Marketing Group

    Need driving direction? Here's MapQuest Canada: Driving Direction and Map of Canada.

    If you're planning to apply for temporary resident visa to visit British Columbia please also read: Canada Visa Application Guide.