September 17, 2008

The Liberals and Canada Immigration

So what is it gonna be if the Liberals win the snap election that was called for by the incumbent Prime Minister Stephen Harper?
A new Liberal government will reverse the irresponsible immigration measures introduced by the Conservatives last spring and invest a total of $800 million in new federal funding to deal with the immigration backlog, welcome more new Canadians, and ensure that they succeed, Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion said today.[Source:Liberal.Ca]

I don't get it. They want it reversed but they let that bill passed when it was voted in the parliament. Well, they did not vote for it but it was reported that nearly 80 liberals were absent from the house of commons during the vote. The controversial amendments to immigration was easily passed with a vote of 121-90 in favor of the bill.

Anyway, a new Liberal government, they promised, will improve the immigration system by investing:

  • $400 million to modernize the immigration system, process applications more efficiently and support the admission of significantly more permanent residents to Canada.

  • $200 million in New Beginnings Canada – an enhanced language training initiative designed to help newcomers master the language necessary to get jobs that match their qualifications; and

  • an additional $200 million for Bridge to Work – a new initiative that will better prepare newcomers for the workplace through the use of internships, mentorship and work placement opportunities. And we will help get foreign credentials recognized, by providing direct financial support to assist foreign-trained doctors and other professionals in obtaining their Canadian qualifications.

  • In addition, the Liberals will introduce new programs like: (1) Welcome Canada Pass – a five year renewable, multi-entry visitor’s visa for individuals sponsored by Canadian citizens and landed immigrants and (2) Canada Express Pass - for frequent business visitors to reduce process times and promote trade and commerce.

    Will the immigration system be better with a new Liberal Government? That remains to be seen. You can check the Canada election result online.