October 16, 2008

Canada 411

Canada 411 Canada 411 directory is a free phone directory of people and businesses in Canada. Telephone numbers listed on Canada 411 are from publicly available local telephone records for published telephone listings.

If you are planning to live and work in Canada, it will be of great help if you have relatives or friends who are already in Canada. They could either help you find jobs or help you with provincial nominee program. If you have lost touch with them, Canada 411 would be of great help.

Or you may check this Filipino directory in Canada which I have compiled some months ago. It's more like a listing of Filipino organizations in Canada.

Using the Canada 411 is of course easier. You can search your relatives' surname and there is a great chance that you'll find them. Unless of course if they requested to be removed from the listing.;-)

Need driving direction? Here's MapQuest Canada: Driving Direction and Map of Canada.

Canada 411's official website is http://www.canada411.ca