March 26, 2009

Foreign Credentials Referral Office (FCRO)

The Foreign Credentials Referral Office (FCRO) is part of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. It was created to help foreign-trained workers succeed in Canada. FCRO provides information, path-finding and referral services to help foreign-trained workers succeed and put their skills to work in Canada more quickly.

Remember that the approval of your permanent resident visa application and eventual entry in Canada does not guarantee you employment in your preferred profession or any other profession.

If you are planning to live and work in Canada, gathering information about living and working in Canada will help you prepare for employment in your chosen profession. The Foreign Credential Referral Office created a workbook specifically for this purpose.

Foreign Credentials Referral Office

Planning to work in Canada? An essential workbook for newcomers was created by FCRO for internationally trained individuals who are considering moving to Canada. It will help you learn how to put your skills, education and experience to work. The workbook is composed of 5 sections:

Living in Canada
The more you learn about Canada, the faster you will be able to adapt to the Canadian work environment. Taking the time to ask questions, to read and research, to watch videos on the Web or elsewhere, can all greatly help your transition from new immigrant to an established and comfortable member of Canadian society. This section is designed to help you learn more about life in Canada, and to guide you in taking a few essential steps as an immigrant.

Canada's Official Languages
Language skills are extremely important to your professional future in Canada. This section will help you learn more about Canada’s two official languages – English and French – as well as assess your language skills and identify opportunities for language training.

Finding a job in Canada
This section is designed to help you understand all you need to do to obtain work in Canada. It provides you with a series of essential steps that will help you learn how to find and get a job in your preferred profession. This process will take time, but completing each task below as thoroughly as possible will give you and your family members the best possible chance to succeed professionally in Canada.

Work Related Documents
This section of the workbook is designed to help you identify and locate documents that may be of importance to you in Canada before you come to Canada. It will also help you to assess the value, in Canada, of documents in your chosen field.

Education Academic Credentials
Education is an asset when searching for work in Canada, but your education may not automatically be recognized in Canada. Demonstrating your education and academic credentials is, therefore, important. Understanding educational equivalencies between your country of origin and Canada will also help you to understand the kinds of jobs you will be likely to obtain in Canada.

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