May 6, 2009

Online campagin to prevent scams

In an effort to prevent fraud and other wrongdoings by immigration representatives, the Government of Canada launched an on-line survey as part of its campaign to inform immigrants about how to protect themselves against false claims from dishonest immigration consultants or unethical representatives.

“I’ve heard a lot of unsettling stories of how people have been taken in by dishonest immigration consultants or unethical representatives, such as labour, student or live-in care-giver recruiters,” said Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism.

“Make no mistake – the Government enforces Canadian law when immigration fraud is proven. But we’d prefer to prevent the wrongdoing in the first place to protect the integrity of Canada’s immigration system and protect people from harm,” said Minister Kenney, who recently hosted a town hall meeting with ethnic community members in Toronto. A similar town hall meeting will also be held in Vancouver. [Source]

Just yesterday, a friend contacted me asking me what is T4 for? According to her, she is being required by her consultant to pay P30,000 to get a T4 as part of her work permit application as a food server. T4 is a tax return slip and it definitely not required in applying for work permit. Of course, I told my friend not to pay the P30,000 and asked advised her to report it to POEA.

It actually reminds me of a story about a student asking her mom for money allegedly to buy some pronouns as part of their school project. And the mom replied back quite suspecting, "You have just bought some adjectives last week and now you have another project?" :-)

Anyway, to participate in the on-line survey , please visit The online survey will be available for the next two weeks. You can help prevent scam by participating in this online campaign.