December 22, 2009

Online Work Permit and Visa Extension Application

Temporary residents in Canada who wish to extend their stay or apply for work permit while in Canada may now process their applications online!

“Extending our online services to more temporary residents will significantly facilitate the application process by providing faster, more accessible and efficient services,” said Minister Kenney.

Forms submitted by mail often need to be returned because they are incomplete, adding additional time to the process. Applications online can only be submitted if they are complete, thereby contributing to faster processing. The service is open to all temporary residents except for co-op program work permit applicants.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) intends to make all types of applications available online in the future.[Source]

How to apply for work permit online

First, you will need to obtain a Government of Canada ePass, and then register with MyCIC.

Once registered with MyCIC, you can apply for work permit online.

You must of course meet the eligibility requirement to legally work in Canada.

The online process to apply for an extension as a visitor is pretty much the same, you will need to log-in to your MyCIC account.