December 2, 2009

The Rivera Case: A Caregiver's Fight Against Unscrupulous Recruiter

The victory of Marivic Perlas Rivera, a Filipina Caregiver, over a court battle against Winlorfely Caregiver Providers, a recruitment agency who promised her a job but wasn't able to provide her a legitimate employment upon landing in Canada, may serve as a warning to other unscrupulous recruiters.

According to this story, Marivic Rivera paid $2,800 to Winlorfely in exchange for finding an employer needed for a work permit for the Canada's Live-in Caregiver Program.

Unfortunately, the stories of exploited caregivers are common amongst those who arrive in Canada hoping to make steps towards a better life. The Star article refers to Rivera’s claims that after she was approached in Hong Kong by James’ sister-in-law Fely Felipe, she paid $2,800 to Winlorfely in exchange for finding an employer needed for a work permit for the LCP.

According to the Star, Rivera claimed that upon her arrival to Canada, James informed her she could not work for the previously indicated employer. She was housed by James at his Scarborough home, then by a Thornhill recruiter in “one room in the basement with eight other nannies in the same situation as me.” For six months, they could not provide her with legitimate employment in the LCP and a valid work permit.

Then Rivera, who had children and a husband in the Philippines dependant on her wages, went to the Canadian Coalition for In-Home Care. They helped her file the suit against the agency, which resulted in the decision in favor of Rivera issued by Judge Julie Hannaford.[Source]

If you are in similar situation or if you have relatives in similar situation, Canadian Coalition for In-Home Care could be of great help. You may also get in touch with Migrante Canada for assistance.

Marivic Rivera is due to receive $10,000 and another $300 in costs, plus interest.