November 5, 2010

Update on Applications received by Centralized Intake Office | NOC 1122 reached the 1,000 cap!

UPDATE - Nov 8, 2010: NOC 1122 applications without arranged employment will no longer be accepted.

NOC 1122

I have just checked Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for updated on the total number of complete FSW applications received since June 26, 2010 and I was surprized with what I have seen. NOC 1122 Professional Occupations in Business Services to now have reached 1,000 cap as of Nov 1, 2010! Few days ago, I posted something like Less than 100 spots remain for skilled worker NOC 1122.

But something is not right here. Yesterday, from the same website, there's only 940 and the report was as of Nov 2, 2010. And now the report as of Nov 1, 2010 is already 1,000? Too bad I do not have a screen shot.

The only explanation there is that the number of complete Federal Skilled Worker applications received as reported is just an approximate. NOT ACTUAL.

If Citizenship and Immigration Canada will base the cap on the applications received and not based on the positive assessments, that will be sad. I suspect that most of those who applied under NOC 1122 are not really eligible. And if that is the case, many NOC 1122 applicants will receive a negative assessment.

I reapply hope they reconsider it, at least for NOC 1122.

Now, what if your job classification is NOC 1122 and you haven't sent your application to Centralized Intake Office yet?

My suggestion is to send it just the same. Remember that the numbers indicated in the report is just approximate. And who knows, they may based the cap on the postive assessments and not based on applications received?

If your application did not make it to the cap, the worst scenario is that your application will be returned unprocessed. The processing fee will be refunded in full. The only expense you will incur is the courier charges which is very minimal.