March 15, 2011

New AINP Strategic Recruitment Stream | Foreign Workers certified in Alberta's Optional and Compulsary Trades

Temporary foreign workers certified in Alberta's optional trades can now apply for permanent residence through Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program even without sponsorship from an employer. This is definitely a good news for temporary foreign workers in Alberat working as roofer, tile setter, concrete finisher and cabinet maker, etc.

This announcement was posted in official Government of Alberta website and will be effective immediately!

There are currently 50 designated trades in the province of Alberta. This is composed of 31 optional trades and 19 compulsory trades. Before the changes, workers in the compulsory trades had the option to apply either directly or with their employers.

Criteria for New AINP Strategic Recruitment Stream (Optional and Compulsary Trades)

  • You must intend to and be able to live and work permanently in Alberta.

  • You must have an Alberta Qualification Certificate in a compulsory or optional trade. If you have met all the requirements for the Alberta Qualification Certificate Program, Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) will issue you an Alberta Qualification Certificate in your respective trade. After you receive your trade certificate, AIT will send you a letter inviting you to apply to the AINP Strategic Recruitment Stream.

  • You must have an AINP invitation letter from AIT. If you do not have an AINP invitation letter from AIT, your application will be declined.

  • You must be residing in Alberta at the time of application and show that you have a valid work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in the trade in which you are certified.

  • You must show, at the time of application, that you are either currently working in your trade for an Alberta Employer or have previously worked in your trade with an Alberta Employer for a minimum of six months in the past two years.

  • If you are a temporary foreign worker in Alberta and wishes to apply under this new program, Canadian Immigration Consultancy can assist you. We have been processing immigrant visa to Canada for more than 20 years now.

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