July 11, 2011

Canada's Live-in Caregiver Program Put On Hold?

Recently, I've been receiving some emails from my blog readers asking if Citizenship and Immigration Canada actually stopped accepting Live-in Caregiver applications. Some others were asking if Live-in Caregivers can no longer apply for Permanent Residence even after completing the 2 years experience in Canada. And then this morning, I received this message from twitter.

It appears that even those with visas already are being held. Is Canada's Live-in Caregiver Program On Hold?

First, I am not aware of official policy that stops acceptance of Live-in Caregiver Program applications. In fact, just last week, we received an acknowledgement letter(File No)from the Canadian Visa Office in Manila for one of our LCP clients.

These are some of the possible reasons why a Filipino Live-in Caregiver bound for Canada may be barred from leaving:

Overeseas Employment Certificate Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) serves as the Overseas Filipino Worker's travel exit clearance at the airport and immigration counters. Without OEC, a caregiver bound for Canada or any other country will be allowed to leave the Philippines.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

POLO's New Condition for Live-in Caregivers Even if you already have the Temporary Resident Visa, you won't be allowed to leave the Philippines without the clearance from Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO). Your employment contract must be validated by POLO before you will be issued an OEC.

I'm still waiting for additional information regarding those cases that were held. Will update this post later.

UPDATE: DOLE Approval required before OEC issuance