March 8, 2012

SSS Premium Payments While In Canada

Once of my blog readers asked me how to make his Social Security System (SSS) premium payments while she is in Canada. According to her, she sends money to her mother to make the payment but the money is being spent for other things.

This post is for Filipino temporary foreign workers in Canada who wants to enure a timely and continuous SSS premium payments.

The solution here the Auto-Debit Arrangement (ADA) Program of SSS. It's is a one-time enrollment scheme wherein your social security contributions and loan amortizations will be automatically deducted from your bank accounts (Savings Account/Current Account) every 10th of the month. No need to send your money to a relative to make the payment. Just make sure that your bank account is always funded.

Here's how to use the Auto-Debit Arrangement (ADA) Program of SSS.

1. Of course, you need to be registered first with SSS as a Voluntary Member.

2. Before you leave for Canada, visit any of the following banks to enroll your bank account.

Bank of the Philippine Islands
Banco de Oro (BDO)
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co.
Philippine National Bank
United Coconut Planters Bank
Philippine Savings Bank
Development Bank of the Philippines

If you do not have an account in any of the said banks, simply open one.

3. Accomplish the ADA Enrollment Form. You can obtain a copy of the form from the participating bank-branch where you have a savings account or current account (as appearing in the enrollment and amendment forms) or at your nearest SSS office.

4. You may submit the accomplished enrollment form to the bank or to the Members Assistance Center (MAC-SSS) for verification and processing.

5. Should you need changes in your auto-debit arrangement with the bank such as changes in contribution amount, registration or resignation of househelpers, inclusion of a newly availed loan (both Real Estate Loan account and other Member Loans such as Salary, Educational, Emergency, Calamity, Stocks Investment, etc.,) or termination of a fully paid loan account, simply fill-up the Amendment Form which is available at the bank or at the SSS office.

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