July 24, 2012

Kings Regional Development Agency (Kings RDA)

Kings Regional Development Agency (Kings RDA)
For those planning to immigrate to Nova Scotia via Community Identified Stream, Kings Regional Development Agency (Kings RDA) is one of those mandated organizations that may write a Letter of Identification for you. This is if you want to setlle in Kings County.

Situated in eastern Annapolis Valley, Atlantic Canada's most abundant agricultural region, Kings County is just an hour away from Halifax and its international airport.  Kings County boasts a thriving economy, excellent health care, superb educational opportunities, and a safe, affordable environment.  But it's also a place where nature weaves a captivating spell, and our communities are rich with heritage and a vibrant community spirit.

How to get a Letter of Identification from Kings Regional Development Agency (Kings RDA)?

If you choose Kings County, you must visit 3 times in order to establish connections to Kings County.  The purpose of these visits is to have community connections, to get at least 3 Letters of Support.  These letters are collected from 2 organizations and 1 individual in good standing you have connected with while in Kings County.

After the visits and getting the letters of support, you may now write a letter of intent to Kings RDA.  The “Letter of Intent” is a mini biography to describe your profession.   If you are planning to start a business, include a brief description of the business plan; how they can contribute to the labor market; where they see themselves in 3 – 5 years; etc.  Your application will be evaluated and a  “Letter of Identification” will not be written until you meet the requirements. 

Visit Kings RDA website for more information.