August 10, 2012

August 2012 Visa Bulletin - Options

There is an ongoing consultation initiated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to seek feedback on immigration issues, including the appropriate level of immigration for Canada, and the most suitable mix among economic, family, and refugee and humanitarian classes. This consultation will last until August 31, 2012.  This might be the basis for the next Ministerial Instruction in determining the number of Federal Skilled Worker applications to be accepted for the year 2013.

New Points System
There is no final guidelines yet on the new points system for the Federal Skilled Workers program which is expected to be implemented early January 2013.  But if you really want to increase your chances, you may consider taking French Language Test to get additional points.  If you have a valid IELTS Examination Result but with score lower than 6.5 in any of the four sub-tests (Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking), it will be to your advantage if you will take another IELTS exam.  It may not be necessary, but it will sure help increase your chances specially if you're not within the age bracket of 21-35 years old.

Academic or General Training Module?
There is a rumor that for Nurses and other professionals, the new IELTS Examination module to be required is now the Academic Module and no longer the General Training Module.

IELTS General Training Module

I don't have any idea where this rumor started, but as far as this official documents checklist (Updated May 2012) is concerned, the requirement is still General Training Module.  Should there be changes, we will inform you immediately.

Anyway, if you are planning to take IELTS Examination, take advantage of this Free IELTS Course on August 25, 2012 to be held at SMX Convention Center at Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.

Other Immigration Programs
While waiting for the new Ministerial Instruction concerning the Federal Skilled Workers Program, the following are other immigration programs that are still open.

Arranged Employment Opinion

The Federal Skilled Workers program is still open for those with Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO).  Canadian Immigration Consultancy is not a recruitment agency and does not have placement services.  However, if you found an employer who is willing to hire you, we can help in the application for Arranged Employment Opinion and the Visa.  Start sending your resume to Canadian employers now and you may stumble an employer who is willing to hire you. To understand the AEO application process and what is needed from the employer, download this Application Form - Arranged Employment Opinion and read it.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
Most provinces in Canada have an agreement with the Government of Canada that allows them to nominate immigrants who wish to settle in that province. The common requirement is you must have a job offer but there are provinces wherein a relative may serve as 'sponsor'.  If you have friends or distant relatives in Manitoba, they can also help you immigrate to Canada.

The Community Identified stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) is another Provincial Nominee Program you may explore.More information about PNP here: Provincial Nominee Program.

NOTE: For those applying under Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, take note of this changes: Manitoba Affidavit of Support Out, Settlement Plan In.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program
This option is ideal for Nurses and Medical Technologists.  You do not need a job offer to be eligible under Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers Program. But since Quebec is predominantly French speaking Canadian Province, you will have to learn French language to successfully settle there. With this option, you will no longer have to wait for January 2013 and take chance to be included in the first 1,000 or so to submit an application.  You have until March 31, 2013 to submit your application.

For nurses thinking it will be impossible to survive in Quebec, you may be pleased to know that there is in fact a Filipino Nurses Association of Quebec.  You just have to really be determined if you want to make it work.

Federal Self Employed Class
Self-employed person means a foreign national who has relevant experience and has the intention and ability to be self-employed in Canada and to make a significant contribution to specified economic activities in Canada. The relevant work experience being referred to in the Federal Self Employed Class means:

  • relevant experience that will make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada or
  • experience in farm management and the intention and ability to purchase and manage a farm in Canada.
Most of the occupations listed here, may be eligible under this program

Visa Processing Updates

Pre-February 27, 2008 Applicants
As most of you may already knew, the Bill-C38 is now a law.  It's the bill containing the proposal to legislate away to wipe out Citizenship and Immigration Canada backlogs.  But since there is a pending litigation, a class action suit filed against it, it will not yet be implemented.   Canadian Immigration Consultancy is collaborating with a group of Canadian lawyers for a legal action, in behalf of our clients.  We will keep you posted.

MI-3 Status
MI-3 applications are those filed at Centralized Intake Office from July 1, 2011 until the 10,000 cap was reached. CIO is no longer accepting new applications under Federal Skilled Workers program, except those with AEO or currently in Canada under a PhD program.

For this batch the latest assessment notice we have received so far are for those filed April 17, 2012. The latest application which received Medical Instruction was application filed March 20, 2012.

Check Your Status Online
For those who have submitted their original passports and is expecting the visa issuance, please note that the release of visa varies, normally within 90 days.  You may check your application status online by clicking here.  If the status you see is Decision Made, expect your visa within a week or two.

For Canadian Immigration Consultancy clients, you may log on to to check your application status.

OTHER OPTION: Australia, anyone?
If you feel Canada is no longer an option for you but you still want to immigrate to other first world country for a better future, are you interested to immigrate to Australia?  If you are, you may send your resume for assessment to

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