August 9, 2012

Call for Help | Metro Manila Flood August 2012

Due to torrential rainfall for the past several days, most part of Metro Manila and some nearby provinces are now suffering with severe flooding.  But you already knew that, I supposed.  This post is to ask for help for thousands of Filipino flood survivors.
Manila Flood
Photo Courtesy A1Social
The best way to send your donations - be it in goods or cash - is to channel it through grassroots organizations who are in direct contact with the community:

A non-government organization that pioneered and continues to promote community-based disaster management in the Philippines. CDRC operates nationwide through a network of regional centers affiliated with the Citizens’ Disaster Response Network and through people’s organizations.


CDRC Bank Details: 
Peso Account:
Account Name: Citizens’ Disaster Response Center
Bank: Metrobank, Examiner Branch, Quezon City, Philippines
Account No. 636-3-63600741-3

Dollar Account
Account Name: Citizens’ Disaster Response Center
Bank: Metrobank, Examiner Branch, Quezon City, Philippines
Account No. 636-2-63600158-3
Swift Code: MBTCPHMM

More information about  Citizens’ Disaster Response Center here:

2. Tulong Kabataan Volunteer Netwrok
A network of youth organizations. spearheaded by Kabataan Partylist, is accepeting donations to help flood victims.  They are also inviting volunteers.
Tulong Kabataan

For those making donations, please prioritize the following:

FOOD: Rice, canned goods, dried fish, bread and biscuits, eggs, mongo beans, coffee and sugar, milk and formula milk, bottled water, oil and cooking condiments

MEDICINE: paracetamol, anti-diarrhea, medicine for cough and colds, hydration salts, water purification tablets, medicine for prevention of leptospirosis

NON-FOOD: Blankets and sleeping mats/bags, tents for temporary shelter, jackets and sweaters, clothes for the young and old, cooking utensils, candles and flashlights


#89 K-7th Street, Brgy. West Kamias, Quezon City
Contact Number: (02) 352-1054/ 09331930010

Office of Kabataan Party-list Rep. Raymond Palatino
Rm 419, North Building, House of Representatives, Batasan Hills, Quezon City
Contact Number: 931-5504

University of the Philippines-Diliman Kamia Residence Hall
Contact  Hani Canacan at 09228217394

National College of Business and the Arts
Contact Adelie at 09151868754

De Lasalle University
Contact Henri at09267373391

Philippine Normal University 
Contact Algel at 09067196161 or 09464020450

More information about Tulong Kabataan here:

There are many other ways how you could help.  Please be visit for more information.