December 17, 2012

How to Get Saudi Police Clearance for those who already left the Kingdom

UPDATE (July 2, 2013): Clarification on the Procedures for Saudi Police Clearance

Few years ago, I posted information on how to get Saudi Police Clearance specially for those who already left Saudi.  Seeking help from Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant and Workers Affairs (OUMWA) used to be the alternative but there is a better alternative now.

The Philippine Embassy in KSA issued this advisory last February 2012 stating the procedure, requirements and processing fee required.  

The following are the requirements:
  • Request Letter addressed to the Embassy stating the purpose of the Police
  • Clearance and email address, if any;
  • Duly accomplished Fingerprint Card obtained through the State Police of the country where the applicant is presently residing;
  • Photocopy of passport used in Saudi Arabia clearly showing the applicant’s  photograph and all visas;  - Copy of Saudi residence permit (iqama);
  • Two (2) recent taken 2 X 2 (inches) colored pictures with white background;
  • Other relevant document, if any, to support the application for Police  Clearance;   

Processing Fees:
  • Embassy’s notarial fee - SR 100.00 (US$25.00)
  • Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs authentication fee: SR 30.00 (US$  7.50)
For those applying, you will have to send your documents to the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh.  Processing period is about two to three months upon  receipt of documents and fees.